Alpha 22 BETA Twitch!

Watch live video from Yohane1 on

First part of the series, (1st 5 minutes was a bit weird connection)

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Part 2 is live! :slight_smile:
A short one witouth Audio cause i was chilling a bit. I was streaming longer but OBS was enjoying the black screen part.
@Banto maybe you can help me with that? :slight_smile:

I made something off-screen this way sadly. Anyways. Enjoy your time!

join in during the middays if you’d like!
@sdee have you noticed the Hearthling avatar bottom left corner? What’s causing this?

a big part of the stream was black that was after the end of this video?
are you using OBS Studio or Classic?

Will be interesting to see how this build turns out :smiley:

OBS studio, while playing it as classic mode i guess. You can enable studio mode

Oh okay then you have same as me :slight_smile: are you also using Game Capture to capture the game or something else. maybe that could perhaps be the problem or just random bug :slight_smile:

Part 3 of the Episode!

We have done alot today!
Have you got some ideas/inventions or great additions for the village? Feel free to post me in advance!
I present you:
Part 4 of the series!