Streaming Problems


I have been trying to stream “Stonehearth” for a while now and gave up. But I reinstalled it the other day and would love to get this game some more exposure.

My problem is that whenever I have tried to stream it wont work. I usually use Nvidea Share but when I try to bring up the overlay that tells my PC to shoot the stream to twitch by hitting Alt+Z it wont load.

I then downloaded the old program I used to use, X-Split, but when I open X-Split and Stonehearth at the same time the application screen for Stonehearth goes completely white.

I would love to share this game with people but I’m at a dead end. google has given me nothing to help so I’m reaching out to the community.

Any Ideas??

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I’m not sure on how to fix them, but if you want to try some alternatives, there is OBS and also Windows DVR as recording tools. (Though Windows DVR does not stream, just record the screen)

i would recommend using OBS Studio or OBS Classic if Studio fails for you.

OBS Studio is a free Streaming & Recording Software that you can set the qualtiy and have a lot of nice settings to tweak to your liking.

There is also tutorials for how to set it up directly on their homepage and a million of different youtube videos that explains everything you need to know.