Streaming on Twitch/Youtube

Hello there fellow Hearthlings.

I want to start a Stream of Stonehearth on twitch but i cant make it start yet because im a rookie in streaming.
Therefor i’d like to use your help.

What kind of Streaming programs are you using as a free user and how do i set up?

Looking forward to your answers!

Steam has built-in streaming if you want to look up a guide.

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Got it on that one. however. Steam does not save the Stream online.

ps: Find me on Steam Yohane

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I’ve not really done streams on twitch tv, But I’ve heard a lot of people use obs for twitch streams, Its a free software, I’ve used it for Youtube at points myself, its runs nicely too. Its pretty simple to set up, but sadly I’ve never used it for streaming purposes, Though I’m sure there’s a lot of tutorials around, Heres a link:

Hope that helped :slightly_smiling: