Broadcasting on Steam

Hi! Today I wanted to share the fun and frustration which is Stonehearth by letting a friend on Steam watch me play, but it doesn’t really say “X is playing Stonehearth” it seems I can’t broadcast the game. It just says “In Game”. I’ve tested broadcasting another game (Don’t Starve) and that worked, but Stonehearth isn’t broadcastable. Is it because it doesn’t have its own Steam page and Steam is only used as a delivery system?

I just don’t want to download something like OBS when I just want to show friends. Call me lazy.

In short, yes.

Long, yes. Because Stonehearth does not maintain a page on the Steam store, it will not list you as being in game. However, I do believe I have gotten it to broadcast once, though that may have been during the beta.

Not quite. Stonehearth is still considered an alpha/beta by Steam, which means that a lot of functionality is not enabled. It’s possible to have a Steam page and still not be shown playing that game to others.

Broadcasting probably works because of the same reason: Most betas/alphas are somewhat secretive, so in order to avoid people broadcasting things they shouldn’t, Steam does not allow broadcasting.

Technically, this can be circumvented by adding Stonehearth’s executable as “third party game”, which are streamable. At least, I think that should be possible.


I believe I got it to work! Thanks [Pan]+! Adding it as a non-Steam game seems to work and it uses the latest dev build since you just select it.