Will steamplay be implemented?

Are there plans to make Stonehearth work with Steamplay?

My gaming PC is hidden away in a corner of the house so I can play without disturbing others… but Stonehearth is the kind of game that my partner also enjoys, and would happily watch me playing. I stream several other games to our front room using Steamplay to play in company, and I’d love to be able to do the same with Stonehearth.

Steamplay would mean I could enjoy the game a lot longer, without the same “abandoned my family” feeling :slight_smile:

I know multiplayer is on the cards too, but just being able to stream the game to a more social setting would really help.

From what I can see on Steam’s website, Steamplay simply means that if you purchase the game on PC, you can play the game on OS X and Linux if the game works on those platforms. TR plans to add OS X and Linux support once the game is feature complete, so at that time I would expect Steamplay to be supported.

Is that what you are looking for, because your description makes me think it isn’t actually Steamplay you want supported…

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I’d love linux support, but that’s not steamplay. Steamplay is steam’s in-home game streaming system. Fire up steam on my windows PC in the office, and stream the game to the media PC in the front room. It’s running on one PC, but I’m controlling it & seeing the display on another.

I use it with a pile of other games (Civ IV, Civ V, Civ BE, Cities: Skylines, Mini Metro), and it means that my gaming isn’t relegated to a back room, but also doesn’t have to dominate the front room.

Actually looking at their sales pitch for it, yeah, that’s horribly confusing. Their marketing makes it sound like a “buy once, play on anything” deal, but it’s actually a “buy once, run it on what it runs on, but stream it to anywhere over your LAN”.

Isn’t the streaming feature actually called Steam In-Home Streaming and kinda separate from Steamplay?
Edit: Whatever it’s called, I wouldn’t mind if it got implemented. :wink:

Yeah, they just call it In-Home Streaming. Steamplay is their marketing term for multiplatform support, in that owning a game on Steam - I believe it to be any game - means you own it for any platform they support.

I actually thought In-Home Streaming was something that was supported natively through Steam though, regardless of the game? Even if it’s kind of a niche feature it’d be nice to see it implemented just for completeness, especially once other platforms or Workshop support make it in.

Huh. You might be right, but the “SteamPlay” logo seems to have a 1:1 mapping with games that support In-Home Streaming in the store (because a bunch don’t - including Stonehearth!). It’s certainly a better mapping than with anything that actually runs on multiple platforms :slight_smile:

OK…unless I am missing something here, all Steam games support In-Home Streaming. I just tested it on my end, and had no issues streaming Stonehearth from my laptop to a friends laptop on the same WiFi network…


I typically don’t see all of my games available for streaming - some appear as playable on my other PC, some don’t.

Last time I tried (a few weeks back, admittedly) stonehearth was greyed out in my library on my media PC as not streamable, along with about 25% of my library.

I’ll have a look again in the near future and see if something’s changed. If it has, then you should pretend you changed something and take credit for the win :slight_smile: .