Connection concerns

So with steam. I know that if you buy a disk and you install the game and it has multiplayer and you go and play online you can only use those servers, were as if you buy the game of steam you use the steam servers. Would this happen on steam? I have backed with the kick starter and i know some of my friends will get this game when it fully comes out. And when the full game comes out will the backers be sent steam keys for the game?

i would assume now the game has been greenlighted that everyone backer will get the opportunity for a steam key.

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I’m not sure I fully understand the first question … are you asking that, essentially, if you activate/ buy Stonehearth on Steam, that you will be restricted to Steam servers?

I’m not sure myself but I would hazard a guess that you will be able to access non-steam servers - as, and someone correct me, the games will be hosted by yourself?

This whole thing is definitely not my area of expertise, sorry, @SteveAdamo you have any insight to offer?

But as for steam keys, it’s not something that is a definitive yes or no, but judging from experience with the majority of other games that have been greenlit, steam keys will probably be made available.

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there are certainly games out there that allows gamers to play together that have a game on different platforms eg Steam, GOG and disk all together so I can’t see why Stonehearth would be any different

Well first off now that the game is greenlit it only does mean that Valve contacted Radiant.
It is very likely that they will come to an agreement, but there is always a slight chance that negotiations fail.

If as expected they succeed, then Steam will only be an additional option for receiving the game, so if someone doesn’t like it, they can get Stonehearth through other channels without problems.

Regarding multiplayer its up to the game creator to decide how to do this.
Steam does not provide multiplayer servers normally and if they would it would most certainly come at a price, so I dont see Radiant being interested in such a solution.
With Steam Valve only provides a platform offering certain capabilities and if the developers use anything besides the pure distribution of the game is up to them, they don’t have to use the cloud based game saving, they don’t have to use Steam achievements and whatever else the Steam framework might be able to provide.

So, basically nothing important is going on here besides that you might have another way to get the game on your machine :slight_smile:

this would have been my response… :wink:

at this point, i am looking at steam as (first and foremost) another distribution platform… however, given the access to Steams API, team radiant can take this is any direction they feel makes the most sense (technically)… to be honest though, i know nothing about Steam’s hosting options, but as @PDanford pointed out, this would probably not be something they pursued…