Multiplayer Hosting

I’ve searched on Discourse about how Multiplayer would be hosted… but I haven’t found any specific topics on this topic. If there is, then @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747, feel free to merge. :wink:

Anyways, what I’m wondering is how multiplayer will be hosted… will it be like Minecraft Servers where you have to download the server files and connect to a direct IP address? Will it be Magicka like and you just simply host a game, and friends can join via Steam?

I’m asking this question because I, personally, have an interest in hosting big, public servers for people to enjoy on. And if multiplayer is like how Minecraft handles it’s multiplayer… how about a Discourse server? For the regulars, and of course @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747. :slight_smile:

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Don’t really like Steam that much, I haven’t had many good experiences with it. In Alpha 1, if there’s any multiplayer at all, I’d assume it would be some sort of crude LAN server. However, as the game progresses, I would prefer servers be created/entered using Minecraft style.

That’s the style I’d also prefer… it allows for more of a community really… but either way I’m not too bothered. I’d just like get a basic view on how it’d work.

What I am hoping is that Radiant will sign with a server hosting company, and will host servers for us that we can just use. Of course, that probably will never happen, but a guy can dream can’t he?

What probably will happen is that you will host it through steam, as it is going to be on steam. Everything was green lit if I am not mistaken.

That sounds epic and I’d love to play with the lovely Discourse folk, however as of now there has been no official word on how any multiplayer will work :disappointed:

I doubt it will be super high on the list of things to do but when it is released I’m sure the community will get to put in more than their far share of suggestions.

As for me I anxiously anticipate any official word on multiplayer :smile:

Yes, the game was green lit, so that’s why I put the option out there… But what I forgot to include is the option for both! There could be a co-op multiplayer, where you connect through steam with up to… say 4 friends, and an online multiplayer for the big, public servers!

I can say the same.


Sorry, that was pretty immature. I needed to get it out of my system though. I really have not had any good experience with Steam. When I put my location (Northern Indiana) they thought it was somewhere in Michigan, and because of that I can’t access anything in my library and my beloved Total War II was trapped… forever. :frowning:

Heh. We have not two but three (!) options :grin:

  1. Travian-like (or Minecraft-like chunk system)
    One player = one (limited and equal) place (umm… let’s call it ‘a chunk’, but it will be bigger than those 16x16 in MC) for his town at start. If player has enough ‘power’ on the server, he may expand his ‘country’ to another chunks.
    Serves has as an option chunk limit. Also, Some percent of chunks should be assigned to “Dungeon Master” as an important chunks. If DM has at least one of them, he may attack players.
    Regular saves.
  2. Minecraft-like (normal)
    One player = one pack of villagers. If you want to have more, you must find a place for your town.
  3. Typical Multiplayer-like
    "Get a host, some clients and have fun."

First two options will be very good - No.1 for Massive Multiplayer Servers ( > 100 players online at the same time? ), No.2 for typical Multi.
Option No.3 is just a limited version of No.2

But those are only my thoughts xD

Four, if you count all of them. :wink:

That could be an option for that in the setting (possibly) for Option 2.

Propably we have even more than four. xD

The possibilities are endless!

Weird idea: let’s write ALL the possibilities to help the Creators! :smiley:

We might not be helping the creators by doing that… too many ideas equals too much reading equals more delay on multiplayer! :frowning:

we’ve had quite a few threads on multiplayer in general, but as this is specific to the hosting portion, it should be unique enough to stand on its own…

this thread was probably the closest i could find for a merge:

SHF: Hey there Tom and Tony, we’ve got some interesting server ideas for you.

T+T: Cool! Let’s see 'em.

SHF: Here ya go. The replies are quite… detailed.

T+T: Ah! Words…So many! ARRRGH!

SHF: Um…Tom? Tony? You alright?

T+T: Bursts into flame


That isn’t too close to the subject… it’s just asking about if anyone wants to play multiplayer. Not being bias, but I think it shouldn’t merge.

tom_and_tony.exe has stopped responding.


Oh noes! That’s not good!

Back onto topic… Can anyone think of a system that’d integrate both Steam and separate server files?

EDIT: While typing this I half-thought of a solution… a G-Mod/TF2 style? Servers can be hosted by a client and separate file, and you can use the ‘Join Game’ feature on Steam to connect to friends? This would integrate both, and maybe satisfy everyone. Of course, the usage of Hamachi could/would be vital in hosting with a client.

I don’t see that happening in StoneHearth for a number of reasons.

  • Tons of rendering, computers would probably implode.
  • Extreme pressure on servers.
  • Too much awesomeness.

Personally I would hate a minecraft multi-player system. Getting someone who is stupid enough, and willing enough to open up a port on their network and completely expose themselves to the dangers of the online world (Opening a minecraft server on your home network makes it extremely easy for someone to breach your modem and steal very valuable things such as bank information) is very hard to do. If you don’t have someone dumb enough to do that, then you are at the mercy of someone who is renting a server. Those servers are usually very laggy, and are run by idiots. Admins are abusive, rules are nonsensical, and there are tons of little kids who make gameplay rather nerve racking, and usually results in me questioning why I purchased it. But hey, that’s just me.

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Which is why multiple systems could be implemented? This would please all of the crowd.