Backed the game on kickstarter, if greenlit do I have to rebuy?

I am curious if the game gets greenlit would I have to pay to play it again from steam? Also since I pledged +50$ where do I go to download/play the game as is like paulsouresjr did?

I’m 99% confident they’ll e-mail you a steam key shortly after it is listed on the store page. the same thing happened for other games I backed on kickstarter that latter got added to steam.

Like Solgamma said. Normally, Games devs send a Steam code or a link to generate one to your email adress.

I think Radiant will do the same, No worries :slight_smile:

hi @Tanimo the client that Paul (as well as some other notable youtube folks) is using was a pre-alpha, provided by Radiant… its not for public consumption, and is not representative of what the beta client (which you will have access to this December) will be…

stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Tom said that if the game gets steam green lighted they will provide the option of email or steam key.

This is a question that is asked often, so there is a reply on the project page even, which I quote (including typos ^^).

Question: Can I pick to get my beta/release copy through Steam?

Ideally, yes, BUT FIRST we have to be on Steam, so if you haven’t voted for us on Greelight yet, please do so! Second, once we’re on Steam, we still have to look at all their terms and conditions, so we can’t say yes for sure at this time. But we will definitely update the community if/when we learn more.