Paid, confirmed should i have receved anything


hi i’m sorry if i’m asking a question that already here but i looked and couldn’t see one. so, i’m going to ask.

i paid $16 and went for the $15 tear option

i paid through amazon (originally the payment didn’t go through but i fixed that) and received the confirmation email

and i was wondering if i should have or if not when i will receive any thing (even if just a coming soon notice)

i saw on the faq thing that the humble bundle people were dealing with it but i don’t see any thing from them

i know this might be a silly question but its better to have a silly question answered and save some one else feeling silly

from c


Hi @qaqua,

there are no silly questions, just silly answers :wink:. You are fine so far. Nothing was sent out yet. With the $15 Tier from Kickstarter, you will be able to download the game, once it is released. Unfortunately, this will be somewhen towards the end of next year.

So far Radiant has just confirmed how the process for the beta will work. They will share the names of all backers with Humble Bundle, who will send out a download code (of some sorts) and allow the backers entitled to join the beta, to do so. I would expect the same will happen close to the release. So probably in autumn 2014, you might get post from Humble Bundle…


hi @voxel_pirate

i feel a lot better seeing this
thank you


welcome aboard @qaqua! :smile:

i think @voxel_pirate has wrapped this up nice and neat, so we’ll close this one down…

have fun around the forums!

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