A little bit of fear


First of all, my friend and me pay on paypal 45$ (2 betas > 2 games) but we dont receive any email when we do it, except for paypal confirmation of the paymente.

For other hand, i pay second time for others 2 friends, so i have 2 betas > 2 games and others 2 betas > 2 games on my friend account.

We gonna receive any email from you confirming that? D:

Even if I am not “you”, let me try to answer and the answer is “No”, at least not yet :).

There have been so mails sent out to backers yet, only if you had backed enough to be eligible for a physical reward. Other than that Radiant will share your details with “Humble Bundle” and they will send out some confirmations to backers once the game is available (or a bit before that). This communication will include details on where to download Stonehearth, etc. However, with your payment confirmation you shoud be on the save side.

So unfortunately, we will have to wait a bit more :disappointed:.


as our good @voxel_pirate has mentioned, the only email you might have received from Radiant at this point, would be in regards to physical goods you had pledged for…

at this point, we are all waiting to receive emails in regards to the preview release, which we anticipate getting at some point in December…

stay tuned! :smiley:

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