Kickstarter backer question

Hi! I remember backing this game when it was in Kickstarter and it gave me a copy of the game, I wonder if its possible to get a free copy of the game since I lost the other one from my old computer and I also tried looking through my emails to see if I can still download it from there but I couldn’t find it anymore. I would like to play this game again because of its tons of new features that it didn’t exist before.
So is it possible or i have to purchase it again?

If you know the email address that you used to purchase the copy initially, you should be able to get a new key sent to you via the normal support contact email – although I’ll warn you now that it could take a long time for the developers to respond since they have a really large backlog at the moment. Even if you don’t have the email receipt anymore, it should be possible for them to confirm that a purchase was made with that email.

Yes I do know the email and im still using that email.
So should I contact the the support team via this website and tell them about it?

Thank you for your response.

I believe is the best channel to use, although all contact methods are pretty busy since AFAIK it’s only one developer checking them regularly and already trying to sort out a LOT of support requests.

Did you purchase the game through the Humble store? If so, you may well be able to find a solution in one of the FAQs about Humble keys, such as this one.

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No I didnt purchased it on Humble store. I got a copy of the game for backing it when it was on Kickstarter(before it was on steam and humblebundle).