Lost email account

Hello. I funded $50 back in the initial kickstarter. I got (and claimed) the initial link sent to that email and only used one of the game keys back in 2013. Since than, I had to change emails since the old one got closed when the site closed. I used the now closed email address for the humble account but I can’t log in due to a verification. Since I’m using a new browser, they sent a conversation email to verify it’s me… which I can’t get because that email no longer exists. So as it goes, I have no way of getting the second code for the game or any other item from my $50 donation.

My pledge tab on kickstarter says that I already claimed (which I did) so I was just wondering if there was anything I can do.

Thank you to anyone spending the time reading this and thank you again if you reply with anything I can’t try.

Sent you a PM.