Forgot mail with which I backstarted StoneHearth

Hi StoneHearth team,
I know it has passed a long time, but I forgot my mail with which I backstarted your game in kickstarter.
Is there a way we can figure out my name in the list of backstarters and well… resend me what I was suppostly received before?
Of course it would be to my actual email now and not the one I don’t remember.

I can give you any information that could help you discover that this is true and I’m not just trying to get a free copy of the game…

Thank you and hope to listen from you soon.

good luck, and hope for the best
but do not expect anything from the gamedevelopers

@sdee would be your best bet i think
but beyond that…how does one -forget- an email adress used for such things? it sounds kinda odd man :stuck_out_tongue:

@Wouter_Sikkema years happened and I backstarted them when I was still looking for a good email account name…

As Wouter said, Steph would be the best to answer this…

The team gave tons of warnings and looked for everyone that had backed it for keys and such, there was a real mobilization for that but I’m unsure if it’s still possible tho… :frowning:

Good luck either way!