No kickstarter pledge reward

im owed a copy of this game, i was one of the original kickstarter backers and stonehearth never linked to my humble bundle account i use the humble key resender and it is not on there. ive tried contacting the developers through all their available emails and have had no reply so this is my last ditch attempt at someone to contact me. kickstarter says that the next step is legal action but all i need is my game code…

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How long ago did you try to contact them? The Stonehearth devs would never ignore an email from the community that I know off, I’ll tag @sdee to see this, As I’ve seen Stephanie help with these issues the past. The devs won’t be back till tomorrow I believe. Hopefully they can sort something out for you when they return :slight_smile:


on 11/04/16 and 02/05/16 and 03/05/16 on and and through twitch

Please check your e-mail! You now have your key.


ive checked my email and the link sends me to humble bundles but says

Unknown key!

Sorry, we could not find this key.

If you have already purchased the product, please find your key by using our order resender.

i used the re sender and it definitely isn’t listed

its all sorted now thank you very much its installing as i type cant wait to play!

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