Stonehearth has been Greenlit!


it’s official! :smiley:

thanks to Bill Briggs in the KS campaign comments for the heads up… congratulations to Radiant!


Excellent news! This can only increase the exposure of Stonehearth :smiley:


precisely… i dont have any intentions (at least at this point) of grabbing a steam key myself… but this can only be good for the project/team…


I think steam key would be nice, but only in the future ^^. Dont worry, we dont need the beta on steam :smiley:

But, would be nice. More people gonna buy the game from steam, im sure, 200%


Congratulations devs on creating a game even the picky people over on Steam like :smile:

Steam Greenlight Updates?

that was a fast greenlight its been like a month and a half since it was posted on there. now what am I gana do do for the next ~6 months.


Congratulations… nice achievement. Just hope that this does not take too much focus away from coding the game :smile:.


That had to have been one of the quickest Greenlights I have seen. It certainly must boost the morale of the devs, and they’re humble enough to ensure it doesn’t distract them too much. I would probably pick this up on steam again for automatic updates if I had to, though I hope you get a choice between a steam key or site dl on launch. Either way well done Radiant.


Congrats! This is going to be amazing :slight_smile:


Thank god there isn’t an Alpha release. team HATED Towns for it.


Woot!!! Congrats Radiant on being Greenlit. :smile:


Excellent!!! A well deserved place in the Steam community!


Congrats to RE! Even if I’m not going to play it on Steam, I’m still glad that RE achived this!


Yay! Extra publicity for the game and a great way to open up the game to more users when it is released. Going to be a long wait for the beta though.


I do hope the devs consider Steam Early Access (Introducing Early Access).

@Pendryn People hated on Towns because it was beta when the dev released it on steam. Updates broke savegames. Granted, Early Access didn’t exist when they launched on steam.


i understand the allure (believe me, i do), but i have seen a few projects where anything other than a solid beta client has been pretty detrimental to both the game and community…


Shouldn’t Beta be considered “Early Access”? Even that is not to far away. I think 6 months of waiting is not asking too much from the community. I would rather see them take their time to develop a good product than see them rush something out to play around with.


As a fan of Blizzard and Bioware games, I can wait as long as they need. I am not talking about rushing development, and definitely not their first (or tenth) beta release. As they do get close to releasing (when it’s ready), that they use early access as another avenue for feedback. More importantly, to get it ready for full release on steam. Also to consider, they’d get two ‘launches’ in steam’s news feed (and I would assume, ‘steam sale’ opportunities).


ahh, well… that’s an entirely different proposition… and one that would indeed make sense (from a “let’s see if this will work” perspective), should the client be in a state where the team is comfortable, etc.