Early Access Problems

Greetings fellow Stonehearthians,

I just saw the newest video of Extra Creditz (If you don’t know them, look them up, they’re great!). This video contained positives and negatives of early access games, like Stonehearth, and I was wonder how the community felt about their findings.

So, what are your thoughts?



good video lots of good points.

The video brings up quite a few points. However I think Radiant has done a good job at helping to limit some of the negative points. They haven’t officially put Stonehearth up on steam yet for some of those reasons, because they feel the game isn’t quite at that level yet. Most of us that have access to the game now were there right from the beginning of the kickstarter…

And if I can speak for most of us, we’re not super fans, we’re Stonehearth Extremists. :wink:


all very valid points… nothing most folks aren’t aware of, but it was amusing to see it displayed this way…

and they got my good side for this shot too!


Well all of the points made were of course very valid.

Early access on Steam is a try to get in to the crowdfunding action, but its a very bad way to approach it and might really be harmful to the developers as well as the players.
I mean if we talk about players we do talk about people and I have heard more than once about folks that did believe they would buy a finished product on kickstarter.
So that is how difficult it is to do it right, even a whole platform dedicated to crowdfunding can be misunderstood.

Now buying a game with a small disclaimer on steam… I don’t know… I actually never bought an early access game on steam besides KSP and that only after thoroughly checking it up.

Crowdfunding is a very very good thing, but involves a whole new set of risks and I believe its a too precious idea to be tainted by solutions that add unnecessary additional problems on top.

I came on here right after I saw the video to post about it… Looks like I was a little late.

I actually don’t think this applies to Stonehearth, because although it had a huge kickstarter, it hasn’t gone to the steam masses. As long as Radiant doesn’t release to the steam public until after Stonehearth is out of the main development stages, I think several of these problems can be avoided.

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