A huge thanks to Radiant Entertainment and all the Supporter!

Hello there Community and hopefully some one of the Radiant team!

I dont want to write that much of text, mainly because my english hella sucks x).

But i want to tell you guys that i love your work a lot! My eyes get wet if i think about the future of this game! Im actually 20 years old and i dont enjoy video games as with 13,14 since i was 15. So i played nearly every tripple A and “good” indie game but i couldnt enjoy anything like i did after exploring videogames.

Now… after 5 years of rubbish i can see a light on the end of the tunnel. The Dev. log/blog is so amazing to read. I could do jumps in the air for things like “we added stone”. Sounds not that huge but: Aww :3 !

At least i have to say thanks to the tripple A studios and publisher to release games like watch_dogs so i can play something while im waiting that Stonehearth reach a point where i can play ist 24/7 x.x

So, thanks for your time and i hope my “english” didnt mess with your mind that hard!


I’m sure Radiant will be very thankful for the support :slight_smile:

Hope you don’t mind I edited out some of the more colourful words to keep the place family friendly :stuck_out_tongue:


Woooow :smiley: Agreed! I’m sure they’ll love these kind of messages!

welcome aboard @Vire! (again)… :smile:

enjoy your stay here… but for your own good, dont accept @Geoffers747’s invitation for a “friendly cup of tea”… trust me, you’re better off not experiencing that… :wink:


No i dont mind :s as i said my english is not that good and your “mess with your mind” version was much likely that what i wanted to tell with the word before, thanks so far!

I dont like tea that much so … i dont think that this date will happen soonish ;p


@Vire Thanks so much for the kind words, you’re the best. I found your English to be more endearing than most, so it didn’t mess with my mind at all :slight_smile: “My eyes get wet if I think about the future of this game” hit me right in the feels! It’s interesting that you brought up Triple A vs Indie Development, because up until joining Radiant, I have only worked on Triple A titles, and have always thought that Triple A development is the only space that I wanted to work in. My world has been drastically flipped upside down in a short 4 months since I was hired. The community that surrounds Stonhearth is something that I haven’t had the chance to experience, nor knew existed in this industry. Everyone is so positive, excited, and eager to give their opinions and ideas to better the project. Almost daily, I feel like we read something on the discourse that is so awesome, that it influences our decision making in designing the game. Stonehearth doesn’t feel like a game being made by 6 people in this studio, it honestly feels like its being made by all of you as well. That being said, let me say thank you to you @Vire, because it’s people like you that make this all happen. :smile:



Hey @Doug,

Thanks a lot for the reply!

Basicly i would say that the Triple A’s did show me why Indie Studios/ Studios without publisher are so loveable for a gamer like me. I never found a great community like this in any other video game for the moment. I’m quite sure that this will happen after the game arrives in other countrys and the lower ages get more confident with it.

But for this moment i enjoy the impact a single voice can do a lot. For me it feels like Radiant got the idea … the shapes of what the game should looks like and gives us, the community the opportunity to add ideas to it. If i compare this with the things how tripple A’s work its like “next gen of dev studios” i dont have to think for 1 secound and i got two negative examples.

The first one is the Battlefield 4 one. Basicly the only real thing that went wrong was the way, the servers did handle the different things player do. (Netcode) this problem made the community of BF so toxic but the problem was known since the beta and its still not even fixed. Im actually asking my self, why spend money in a beta and community forums if you dont listne to your customers?

The secound one is Thief. I was so damn exited about this game because i couldnt enjoy the old thief versions. Basicly because i was to young and got to spoiled with titles like assassin’s creed. And now i wanted to get a game that i can enjoy a lot btu at the end … its a not open world climping game with a story that is not that stunning for me and they ignored all the things other “stealth” games did evolved in the times. The biggest question for me is why should i play this game if i cant reach anything in it? I can get 25.230.123 money and can only spend it in things that dont make me happy x.x

Basicly Eidos Montreal and Square Enix died for me after the Tombraider / Thief thing. I loved the studio a lot for the Deus Ex: Human Revolution

So much to the degression. Compared with the things going on so far in Stonehearth and the Community about it and Radiant its like a heaven. I didnt even suggest any content for the game and im still feeling like a part of the game. Im pretty exited to see how this game and the community will go later on (im a bit screwed that it will end up like the world of warcraft one) im also exited to see how Radiant Entertainment will go further on with this guarenteed success, also the way of marketing in terms of other language support and community managing would be kind interesting so,

my last sentences will simply be the wish that radiant entertainment and the community will keep what they doing now, would be a shame if radiant getting greedy and ignorant by the success!

Best wishes, Vire


i’ll second that! :+1:

and to think, it only took me, what… almost a year? yeah, nearly 12 months to craft @Geoffers747 into the respectable citizen and forum dweller you see before you today… it’s a fairly long process… but it’s a process nonetheless! :smile:


I may appear calm and friendly, but trust me, I hate each and every one of you equally.


Even me? :scream: I thought we had something going!

remember our positive affirmations, and go to your happy place:

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How could i miss that …?

  • I started the day with checking the Southpark release in Europe on steam and got the information that it will be delayed. Onwards i was looking for something to buy on steam to get my time going until waiting for a time filling start of stonehearth and somehow i got the reason why stonehearth isnt in early access on steam back into my mind!

Correct me if im wrong but i can remember that mostly the reason for the not early access was the mindset of the biggest part on the steam community. Simply that they would punish Radiant for the cash grabbing early access relase without big content no matters how long the disclaimer is. At least the meta score wont re-rated after the release of stonehearth or something. Basicly stonehearth would get ruined in the mouths of the community for no reason.

Thanks a lot for that far looking decision to not release it! I thing, now i could say everything that is in my mind for the moment.

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I think that’s pretty much it, right now there isn’t a need to release it on early access through Steam, the game is still very much in the early stages and it might do more harm than good opening it up on Steam right now.

In a couple of months however, depending on how things progress, the team might revisit this and get it out on steam :slight_smile:

At times it is difficult, the relationship takes work, but together we are stronger, @SteveAdamo is the light illuminating the dark.

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This is basicly the point where the mind sets crash c: ! There are many games out on the early access with things like “Dont buy the game if you expect a complete working game without any bugs! Just buy it if you want to be a part of the community and shape the game with us” In general this is what stonehearth is doing atm as well but without steam. As i allready said im quite happy with the decision and i never ever saw a Eearly Access game that went great. The “negative” publicity is still publicity but i dont think its that worth it. For example minecraft never got the way on to steam as i know and still nearly everyone did at least heard about it.


I just want to say thank you for making this awesome game with such a small group. Not many small groups even last through half the year, and they leave off with the money. You guys are doing a great job, not leaving us behind, lost on what’s going on. Wish you guys luck on pushing this game to the best.

Guys! Please give thanks to the developers of this game, too.

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