[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday, Steam Early Access And The Road Ahead


New Members? Early Steam Access? Updates on what everyone is doing?

Great Desktop Tuesday, Radiant, and welcome Brad and Yang!


Hello new team members, hope you all find the work on Radiant great and lead us, the community to a whole new level.


One question guys,

Hows our stock doing on welcome aboard’s? Think we’re going to require a lot more of these soon!


fear not, they are being stockpiled as we speak… :smile:


Oh brilliant! I can sleep well tonight knowing we’ve got enough!


Tony: •Improve the usability of the party system

I know this is a rather large request/suggestion/inquiry, but is it possible we might see the beginning of worker party tasks–assigning specific workers to teams so not everyone is pulled to build scaffolding or collect rocks and wood on the ground? I’m interested to see how the system can help things outside combat in the game.

Glad to see the team expanding! Just…be ready for the early Steam community and their crazy demands!





If they where only crazy ones, i think it will be much worse than that


ooh! im looking forward to seeing more from the new members of TR :smile:


Not excited about this, and part of me wishes Radiant would wait even longer to release it to Early access… But on the flip side, the game is coming along great, and with the massive amount of bug fixes on the horizon for (Alpha 10.5 or 11, whatever they want to call it), I think it’ll be ready.


AWESOME! Welcome Brad and Yang to Team Radiant!!!


Welcome new team members.

But I think you should complete the fundamental basics first!
Screen resolution! We really need screen resolution options!


Random question: has anyone lost their user settings when downloading the few last updates from Steam? I had to copy them again from a backup I use to make.

Also, welcome to the team, @brad and @yshan ! :smile:


I was one of the people begging you guys not to do Steam Early Access the last time. This time, well, I think it’ll be okay. Not great, Steam people are still lunatics, but if you’re prepared to ignore them when they’re out of their minds, I think it’ll be okay.

I hope this community here will help you out on Steam with the crazies, being firm allies to your vision, and doing lots of positive reviews. Likewise, I hope Radiant makes their vision exceedingly clear to the Steam people. They all have the intelligence of 4th graders, so really spell it out clearly. They also have no concept of what Early Access or Alpha means, no matter how often it’s drilled into their heads. Whatever you do, don’t let them hijack your game, and don’t let them kill morale at Radiant.

Anyway, the game has come along quite a bit since the last time you said Steam Early Access was coming. I think complaints about bugs and feature incompleteness will at least be reduced. If you’re going to do another big round of bug-fixing for Alpha 10.5, even better. If you get Alpha 11 out fairly quickly after that, and it adds some cool new stuff, that will also probably help but just be aware Steam users have essentially no tolerance of bugs at all. Even bugs that exist only in their heads, they have no patience for. Getting patches out quickly to fix bugs will go a long way to keeping the crazies in check.

If there’s any company that has the talent for PR and the ability to bring out new patches quickly to survive what’s coming, I think it’s Radiant. Just keep those Desktop Tuesdays coming, keep a pretty quick pace going with the Alphas, and keep fixing those game-breaking bugs as fast as possible. The game is far enough along that I think most reviews on Early Access will be positive.

Congrats and welcome to the new team members, and I’m looking forward to the Cook class :smile:.


You have to make the release bug free


Expect it circa 2020 then.

Seriously, bug free is next to impossible, especially this early in the development cycle.


Was going to say something like this… but then I was like…

Maybe he means it’s the only way the Steam crowd will be happy?

… Still wouldn’t work though.


what’s DRM??free version???

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I still believe that the game will be torn apart on Steam before its in its beta stage. Steam has a huge community, that’s for sure, and lots of exposure and what not, but it’s not exactly a “helpful” community as in… at the end of the day, it’s a store, people pay money to play games, not to betatest them. The recent uproar with paid mods also flared off in direction of early access, which shows how players are a little tired of this whole thing. They’re tired of being lab rats for free, or even worse, paying to be lab rats.

I don’t think a lot of value will come from releasing the game, information wise. You can take a look at about any community hub you want, you rarely find something of value. On top of that, it’s probably splitting the small community we have, rather than expanding it.

But that’s just my point of view.


Very possible, and I don’t think many people disagree with you that Steam users are a rowdy bunch/angry mob/murderers…

However, comparing it to games like Prison Architech, Starbound, and even Gnomoria… the community responded extremely well to it and the reviews are overwhelmingly in favor of “Positive.”

At least two of those games entered the early access stage as being in pretty early stages development-wise. (I can’t speak to Starbound).

So who knows, it could turn out well? :confused: