Xsplit Game Caster Does Not Like Stonehearth

  1. Start Xsplit Gamecaster
  2. Start Stonehearrth

Result = white screen

I just wanted to stream Stonehearth D=

Does your stoneheath.log have any information in it? What about a similar file for Xsplit? Can you give anymore details of “Start Stonehearth = White screen”? For instance, was it instantly a white screen? or were you able to get to the main menu?


I know the team uses Xsplit for their thrice-weekly Twitch streams, so it should work.

Nothing too out of the ordinary

Wasn’t even able to navigate through to the menu, just instantly hit with a white screen.

What I use is Xsplit Gamecaster the Stonehearth stream probably uses Xsplit Broadcaster . it was just a small bug I noticed, I wasn’t sure if it was on Stonehearths end or Xsplit, so I reported the feedback to both.

I hope I cleared up some confusion.

Any update from Xsplit? I did some quick testing with Gamecaster and didn’t run into this issue.

I’m getting the same problem with Xsplit Gamecaster.
When Xsplit is running and Stonehearth is focused, the game goes white. When I click out of the game window, the game is visible. I can hear the game audio the entire time, and the mouse changes when hovering over buttons or moving the map.

can confirm this issue. using nvidia GTX 970 and an intel i5-4690k 3.5GHz. Latest drivers

I can confirm that I have the same problem using a GTX960

bump* Any news yet on this? Having same issue!

I haven’t tested it again since October, but I know plenty of people stream with both versions of XSplit without issue. As I suggested above to Feashrind, please reach out to XSplit support as we do not believe this to be an issue with Stonehearth.