[Res] Stonehearth game window only white window [workaround inside]

Trying to play Stonehearth and I start up the game and all that happens is the stonehearth window opens up and it’s all white and I hear music but never see anything but the white screen.

I’ve tried this on both the steam version and the version that I downloaded from the humble store or what ever it’s called.

My laptop plays other games with no problems and below is it’s specs

Windows 8 (not 8.1)
Nvidia 660m with 2GB VRAM
Latest Nvidia drivers (updated today in fact)
Latest sound drivers etc.

Any help?

This is definitely an odd one …

What’s your screen resolution?

does the game eventually timeout/crash? can you look for a stonehearth.log file in your Steam directory?

perhaps it can shed some light on whats happening…

I finally got it to play. I had to change some settings in the .json file but it eventually got it working.

Now I just have to figure out if there is a save feature, load game feature etc as I’ve not kept up on the info for this game so don’t want to spend hours playing around in the game if there’s no way to save, or to load if there were a save.


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whoa… would you mind specifying what those changes were? might prove useful to Radiant, as well as other testers… :+1:

not yet, but its in the works…

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It was just two changes, one was to full screen, although initially upon doing this and starting the game it would immediately crash.

Then I noticed that the resolution listed in the json file wasn’t my desktops native resolution, it was listing at 1920x1080 but my monitor runs at 1920x1200 so I switched it to 1920x1200 and full screen to true and the game runs now.

Hope it helps anybody else.


it does indeed… thanks for the update! :+1:

@sdee, @not_owen_wilson, you may find this issue/resolution of interest… :smiley: