Stonehearth doesn't open

I recently downloaded stonehearth on my new computer and it doesn’t open the window. Steam says the games running for about 5 seconds before it goes away again. There is no crash log that I could find. Anyone know whats happening?

Hello :merry:

I fixed a similar error on someone else’s computer today! Let’s see if I get lucky again:

Right click Stonehearth on Steam and go into Properties... then Local Files and then Browse Local Files to get to the game folder. In there you should find a file called user_settings.json. Open it with your favorite text editor (or notepad) and look for a line that says "enable_fullscreen" : false, erase the false and write true, save, close and try running the game again!

Let me know if it helps :slight_smile:

PS: Don’t forget the comma after true

Hey! I went into that file and all it says is “user_id” : followed by numbers and letters. Would this have something to do with the error? I’ve never opened it on this computer and idk if the full screen code you were referring to would be somewhere else for whatever reason. Thanks for your reply!

Perhaps? Try deleting the file and running the game again, should create a new file!

hello mystic
i have the exact same problem here man. i really sucks it says it running but then goes back to the normal state again. if i press play again it says running but again goes to the normal state. i really tryd everrything already.
can i ask what laptop are u using?

i also tryd this and at my laptob it only displays a ID with a weird number

i deleted the file but again a weird file comes up with a weird id number

I’m using a Microsoft surface laptop, don’t know if it would be a computer error as I haven’t tried deleting the files yet but I’ll get back to you as soon as I can

I’m guessing it’s because of the touchscreen aspect. Stonehearth plays funny with some added devices like webcams, touchscreens, etc. Not sure if it’s possible to disable the touchscreen and use it just as a regular display device, but if so, that’s what I’d recommend.

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oh thats weird because i have laptop without touchcreen and its not a surface laptop just a lenove laptop and i have the same problem