Startup Crashing (I've done what the other posts say to do to fix it but none of them have worked)

Hi y’all

I didn’t play stonehearth for a while because of school but now as winter comes along (and those new updates) I want to ply again. Whenever I open up the program (through steam) it instantly stops working. I’ve looked at posts about others peoples crashing problems and did all of the steps.

  1. Updated my graphics card
  2. Reinstalled
  3. Deleted all my mods
  4. Deleted the entire stone hearth folder THEN reinstalled and afterwards checked the validity of the files
  5. I tried changing the build I was on but it crashes with anything even all the way back to A19.
  6. Pasted certain commands into my console to get it to work (On a different thread it was suggested)
  7. It has always been on windowed mode so thats not an issue

I am completely out of ideas?
What do I do?


Can you post your stonehearth.log (which is in the game folder, C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\ by default), as well as your system specs?

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