When i put StoneHearth in full screen mode and restart the game it doesn't start.... HELP!

I just brought this game and i want to play it in fullscreen mode but it doesn’t let me.

I have been having the same problem and have concluded that my bad screen is the problem. Is your screen quite small, second hand or made before 2007?

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Welcome to the forum, @Igor_Frajfeld11

If you need to return to window mode and the game is crashing you can go to the folder where Stonehearth is installed, and open the user_settings.json file with any text editor.

There on the “renderer” section set “enable_fullscreen” to false, save, and restart the game.

It might be the problem that @TheKey123 is mentioning, fullscreen mode is not working for some users.
Do you have a crash.dmp file inside the folder where you have Stonehearth installed, from after trying to play in fullscreen?
It could be useful to diagnose the problem, also a stonehearth.log file from right after the crash (same folder).

If you could upload them here, maybe we can get a dev to take a look next week.

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no it’s a Samsung 24 inch

Never give anyone your steam account details (and that won’t help anyway).

Somewhere on your computer you’ll have a folder called “SteamLibrary” (e.g. possibly “C:\SteamLibrary” depending on where Steam was told to put itself when Steam was installed). Find that. Inside it will be a more folders. You want to go to the “SteamApps” folder, then the “common” folder, then “Stonehearth” folder. This is the folder you want (e.g. the full thing might be “C:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth”).

Inside the “StoneHearth” folder you’ll find a file called “stonehearth.log”. That’s the log file that’s going to help. In the same folder you’ll find the “user_settings.json” file that Relyss mentioned too (you can edit that with a plain old text editor like Notepad).

I have 2 StoneHearth files 1. is called StoneHearth Text Document 2. is called Stonehearth JSON. so which one is it???

I found the User_setting.json.

This here is the important stuff


It works now, it doesn’t t crash

You mean that now it doesn’t crash in fullscreen mode, @Igor_Frajfeld11 ?

i dont even have a crash dump and im also getting the same problem
plz help