Supply Crates missing bale of wheat option

I love the supply crates.

But yesterday i ve build a large kitchen for my cook and noticed that “bale of wheat” couldnt be stored in any of them.

release 779x64

I noticed that in a YT stream, using OBS. Framerate has droped by more than 50% compared to nonstreaming. It was my first use of OBS and SH after the spectre/meltdown patches. Will do a patch rollback tonight an test it again.

OBS Ver. 20.3.1
A quick test i just did showed that the framerate drops from 25-28 to 7-14 after hitting the record button. Framerate kept low even after stopping the record or closing OBS.

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Thanks for the report. The wheat bale being missing will be fixed in the next release. For the OBS issue, is this happening only on this new version?


I dont know, i streamed a lot recently via Steam, last OBS recording was 10 month ago.
All i can say is that streaming via Steam is not afflected.

Win 8.1 with all actual patches

Acer notebook with i5400U, 8GB, SSD, geforce 820M with 2GB VRAM

Crosschecked recording too with Subnautica (GPU heavy) and Kerbal Space Programm (CPU heavy), both went fine without any lags.