Video Recording Software: OBS any good?

Hey there Youtubers among us! I have a question. Does anyone use OBS - Open Broadcaster Software for recording their videos? I’m a little broke at the moment to afford a program like fraps and I came across this software, but don’t like downloading things unless I know they are decent.

If you or anyone you know uses this program, how is it? It doesn’t have to be a permanent solution but I need a program to start with at least.



OBS I hear is a good program for both recording and livestreaming but you will need to jump through more hoops with OBS than Fraps, I’d go with OBS though

Hoops? Yay more for me to learn xD I’ll have to try it out. Not sure if my laptop can handle running Stonehearth and recording at the same time but I’ll give it a shot tomorrow. Stonehearth needs to work on my PC!!! xD

OBS is very good i use it aswell, only thing you need to do is learn how to configure it (there should be a good tutorail on youtube for that.) o and go to to figure out how much kbits/ sec you can handle.

I use Dxtory for gaming recordings, it is simply best and it divides the audio channels which is very important for me.
I use OBS for PC livestreaming and my webcam.

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just how broke are you? :smiley: i’ve heard positive things about bandicam…

I’ll have to look into that as well.[quote=“SteveAdamo, post:6, topic:4745”]
just how broke are you?
Well considering I’m like 2 months behind on my saving plan I made, I’m pretty broke. lol

Dxtory is 25 euros so probably too much for you but there are other ways of obtaining it. No shame if you can’t afford it right away…
OBS will work but it cannot give you the pure quality like FRAPS or Dxtory can because OBS cannot record uncompressed footage, it automatically compresses during the recording and since the OBS compressor and the CPU aren’t a match of an editing program, quality is lost.

Dxtory is great as it divides audio tracks like @Petard said. Playclaw is also a cheaper choice (or around same price range, I forget) and can be pretty good, Bandicam is around the same price as Dxtory, is easier to pick up and record right away and also splits audio tracks. Just try and stay away from Fraps if you can. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. OBS is mainly for streaming purposes although it can be used as a recorder if needed.

This… just, this… Unless you have, like, a solid TB of data open on your HDD, don’t do Fraps. It records high quality stuff, and there’s not much hit on your CPU (from what I’ve heard), but it will tear your HDD open like a small child would a present on Christmas morning.

I own Bandicam, and I’ve put up a video or two on YouTube, and I will tell you that it is actually quite good. I was trying to use Playclaw for a little while, but it just wouldn’t work, so it was off to Bandicam for me. Lots of options in terms of recording quality and audio quality, and the files are fairly small. I would definitely recommend it, as well, because the file compression doesn’t hit your processing a whole lot (for me, at least).

Anyway, that’s just my two cents.