Anyone up for a quick Twitch test?

I’m trying to figure out how to get broadcasting on Twitch. Anyone on willing to help me with a very quick testing broadcast?

use Open Broadcast software
I use it and its brilliant, gets the job done and its free

If i’m not mistaken you already have your stream code, just add that.
go in setting and downscale your stream to 2.25 = 480p
create a new scene for your desktop
create a second field (zone in the far left) for gaming
Add: scenes(games) by right clicking, “game capture”, select open game and Tada, added

you can’t play a majority of games in fullscreen since the software currently doesn’t support fullscreen 100% (will be added in future updates)

i would my friend, but Twitch is blocked here at the hospital… its an evil evil thing, you know… le sigh

I’ll have to look into Open Broadcast. I downloaded XSplit and have it running now. I just want to test and see how the audio sounds and if my computer will handle it. lol

I’m happy to come and be helpful if you’ll link your channel :smile:

Edit: Or just tell me what it is :smile:

Twitch is where it’s at. :wink:

I have to go grab my bowl of soup and finish setting things up but I’ll be there shortly.
Chat message when you get there lol

Testing was a success! Thanks everyone! =D

You’re welcome! After all, I was the most helpful, you even said it yourself :smile:

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