[Flash Stream] Working On A Splash Screen

Flash stream happening right now - no mic.

What’s the music? Anyone know? Is it from Stonehearth?

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I think it’s the Harvest & Hearth ~ Summer Day theme

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Thanks @Relyss, the TV is on and is drowning out my laptop, don’t have my headphones nearby so can just hear these relaxing undertones and can’t quite figure it out :stuck_out_tongue:


The finished product.

You have one hour to download it :slight_smile:


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ok, so i wasn’t losing my mind? i saw the email (an hour after it started), went to the stream on my phone (which was painful)… then saw that there was an archived version already available…

are there two archives from today? oh, and gorgeous image @Tom:+1:

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I believe there are 4 …

Part one: Twitch

Part Two: Twitch

Part Three (lasts a minute): Twitch

Part Four: Twitch


lovely jubbly… i grabbed the image, and will load it on a few machines in some of the research labs…

should brighten their otherwise dreary day… :smile:


Has nobody then noticed the Alpha 3 confirmation in several places…? :wink:

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Whaaaat? The only thing I knew of was that they were in the testing phase and it’d still be a few weeks out.

During the first archive, Tom saves the background as splashscreen_alpha3_yes_alpha3 :slight_smile: my guess is the upcoming release will be Alpha 3, and it seems like a reasonable time for it too, what with save and blueprint mode coming in :slight_smile:

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yes… it is rather beautifully obvious, isn’t it? :wink:

again, loving the new wallpaper…

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