Flash stream in about 2 hours

Just sayin…

Flash stream homework! Brainstorm on a small display for the time of day and/or day and month of the year, cause that’s what we’re doing on stream.


Sweet see you then!! :smile:

Cant wait to see it.

@Tom Is it in 2 hours or tomorrow? The news on the main page says tomorrow… or can we even expect 2 streams?

P.S. This or that way… great :smile:.

I’m so excited I might spontaneously combust, Beware!

@voxel_pirate: I think there might be two, one extra for the vigilant folks today and an official one tomorrow.

Ack! I might be a little late…or a lot late…we’ll see how it goes. I’ll try to hop on at some point this afternoon.

Oh how I hope you’re late. I was just about to make a run to town, which is 45 minutes one way. :tongue:

Yay! I’ll hopefully tune in in time.

a guys heads to lunch, leaving the forums in relative peace… then “inkblot” decides to drop a flash bomb (clever word play, i know)…

count me in! :+1:

edit: heading home… looks like i’ll miss the stream… have fun brainstorming the gates!

… just tried to draft some ideas into a “screenshot”.


  • Starting on the top right… to indicate the time of the day, a sun / moon icon chould be shown somewhere on the UI. As time passes by, the sun turns into a moon.
  • … an alternative could be a picture as shown on the top left. Behind e.g. of the map, there could be a static picture (more or less as the clock face) where an indicator is replacing the hand.


  • Bottom-left shows a character from Stonehearth, which could change the cloths as the seasons are changing. Maybe this fellow could be used also as starting point for the mod-menu (clicking on him will let him open a blackboard with options, just like in the kickstarter video).
  • Bottom-right should be a “scene” (here a very simple one, but could be a house, etc.) which changes as the seasons are changing. E.g. the tree grows some fruits, will be covered with snow, loses the leafs…


Stream just started.

… and thanks for having a more technical stream explaining how all the things come together. Very interesting.

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annnd, stream just ended… and while i really did feel the meter worked well, in the end @Tom succumbed to peer pressure and scrapped the whole idea for some crazy “barrel thing” that was being shouted to him from across the room…

crazy developers, and their crazy ideas… :smile:

It was cool! Thanks for streaming!

annnnnd now I am at home and missed the stream :smile:
NOOOOO :dizzy_face:

fear not, here’s the replay link:smile:

I know I watch it right now but it’s different when you see it live. :wink:

Was that new office space we saw in the background?


no, that’s still @Tom’s living room… i dont think they’ll be in the office for a month or so (renovations, etc.)

from the Jul 9th blog:

The good news is that we’ve signed a lease for our new offices! The
place needs a little fixing up, so we will probably move in about a
month or so.

edit: screen cap of an awesome crafting mockup…

Ah, the angle was different and threw me off. The crafting mockup looks good!


Is that your own??? (Had to reach the character limit lol)