Flash Stream - NOW - Tom does icons

Surprise! Flash stream! Hopefully a little earlier for all you in Europe.

edit: link to the archive


nooo! cant access on network machine… oh, wait…

looks at some off network laptops

weee! :smile:

edit: well, that was rather fun… look forward to watching the archive later, as those icons (and the stockpile UI) look sic… :+1:

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I’m not sure how I missed this considering I had the discourse open in another tab and I had my phone next to me both of which should’ve helped alert me. Although the sounds of ui and icons means it sounds like it’s definitely worth watching, considering that they’re two of the three things we can really do for modding atm anyway.

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yeah, not sure if its still going? but the first 45 was fun to watch… the new stockpile UI looks very nice, and we saw our first reference to “wealth” in SH…

sorry for spoiling that for you @voxel_pirate! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your post threw me off, I thought it had ended. Seems it’s still going though.

NOW I hate you big time Mr. Adamo!

Greetings from the airport.

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So the fact we also covered a brief description of plans for combat and a csi potential? Something for you to mull over, a list of the planned item types for the stockpile. Green just means the icon is made already. Some interesting stuff in there.

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oh well now, thats just cruel… @voxel_pirate is without the means to adequately dissect the stream, and here you are teasing him with things like… animal parts… :smile:

No, Xavion is ok… this table was shown quite often :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

But for sure something to think about, if Tom did not talk too much about.

I hope following two streams simultaneously is considered normal… (I mean we do have two eyes for a reason right? right??)

The ??? category has been scrapped and feedback on the varying types was just requested in the stream. What you think the types should be and that kind of thing.

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@Xavion … was the spreadsheet updated since you took the snapshot, perhaps?

Just the removal of the ??? row, other than that it was the same.

And it’s over, apparently he might be back later though.

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REAJKGJKL!!! Us Americans ain’t be home yet! I was at school… grumbles, walks off in random direction, only to come back later and watch the stream archive.

@SteveAdamo, link thine archive link, if you don’t mind.

i will, as soon as i can get back on my off-network machine… :smile:

edit: here we go!

edit #2: updating the OP as well…

Why tank you, good sir. Tank you very much.

Me neither, I was working with my computer. It’s a pity, European people can’t normally watch the streams live because it’s past midnight, for once I could… :disappointed:

take heart my friend! its still around 1:00PM PST, which means team radiant still has a few hours of work time left…

as this was a “work stream”, @Tom just might hop back on after lunch… :+1:

storms into the thread

Why is Discourse acting up?! Where was the notification for a new thread?! :crying_cat_face: well, looks like I know what I’m watching tonight! Thanks for streaming anyway guys! :smile:

Why is it that the flash stream is twice as long as the normal streams, though… I find that rather odd…