Summary of what is mentioned in streams

Can we start a summary of all the incoming features, plans, cool stuff mentioned in the stream for those of use who cant watch them?

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if you want to watch them and just werent able to make it to them you can go here Twitch


I would agree with @8BitCrab… watching the previous streams might be best, as everything that @Tom discusses isn’t necessarily set in stone… he has to do a lot of spur of the moment speculation… :wink:

For those of us who are now a lot of streams behind, a quick summary list would be a lot easier. We used to do it but no one has done so lately. Still guess I will start watching.

I should probably get back to making a list of a questions and answers from the streams. . . :sweat_smile:


yes… yes you should! :wink:

we’ve been missing you around here my friend!

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Awwwh I’m glad some people have missed me :smile: Some personal / family / college issues have kept me a little busy lately. :frowning: Now that most of that is out of the way and a fresh semester has been going well I should have a little more time to be around :slight_smile: Hope to see everyone at the live-stream tonight! I’ll try to keep a running list of Q & A’s for this one!


Exactly what stuff that’s mentioned in streams would you want to keep track of? As mentioned before, Tom is hesitant to make promises with dates and/or Alpha versions (and rightly so). If we record that in a specific place, people might read that and think “Oh, he promised XXX feature by Alpha 11, and it’s Alpha 12 and it’s not here!” Tom does sometimes answer questions directly from the streams. It seems like recording those questions and answers might be a good starting place, as long as it’s clear to the reader that these are only suggestions.

Additionally, Tom often responds to comments/suggestions in the streams themselves, so being live when possible is a better alternative, since your input can actually be put DIRECTLY into the game sometimes.

I wouldn’t mind going through some old streams (I like re-watching it while doing my own programming), and I’d be willing to do it for future streams as well, but I wouldn’t post live (I’m usually not available during the streams), and I would never be completely caught-up. (It usually takes me about 4 hours to watch 2 hours of streams, since I constantly have to pause the stream to focus on something. This means sometimes I don’t finish watching Tuesday’s stream until Thursday)

@SteveAdamo: Would you prefer that I create a new topic for each livestream Summary / Q & A, I create an overall Livestream Summary topic? Since the old livestreams use to have a [Dev Blog] topic

that’s entirely up to you my friend… I would think a thread per stream would allow for easier conversation flow… but do whatever is easier for you! :smiley:

I would think that it’d be easier to keep track of / consolidate information in one thread, but I’d love to read it either way.

I was thinking of having a locked thread like the FAQ that I could add each live-stream as a post in but I’m not a mod so that won’t work. :laughing:

I could create an overall topic with a list and description of each live-stream and then link to the individual topics. Best of both worlds? :stuck_out_tongue:


I can help you here, if that’s your initial preference… we can control the content with some verbiage, removing any posts that aren’t from you, and locking/unlocking the thread when you request…

or this… :smile: whatever you feel works best…


Under each put a disclaimer that any and all things discussed/mentioned may/may not be subject to change :wink:

Less likely ppl will come back with “BUT! They said!” in such-n-such stream (they still will though :P).


I did half of thursday’s stream this morning. I’ll finish the rest up tomorrow and get it posted :smile:


I still need to salvage the mess that is the FAQ thread post formatting changes.

That … that may never happen, unless anyone can think of an automated solution?

yeah, I’m not quite sure why that happened… but all the content/posts prior to X date are all mangled, formatting wise… :cry:

like my Uncle David, at virtually any family gathering, I prefer to pretend he’s just not there…

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Just remember sometimes Tom expects us to hold our tongues in secrecy under pain of goblin bashing.

ok, tonight’s (1/20/15) stream was fantastic… i found these things particularly interesting:

immigration report
(I believe @sdee headed up this effort?)… its essentially a visual representation of a gameplay mechanic that has always been present, but now lets the player know (and directly influence) the threshold that must be reached before a new unit will arrive, based on food, town worth (?) and happiness quotient (?)…

looked very slick! :smile: :+1:

groups and designations
we’ll have the means to create (many) groups, and assign specific units to them… they can be generic (combat), or more specific (stockpile 3 footmen)… generic (workers) or more specific (weavers)… those groups can then have two orders (for now)…

the combat related order is to basically “move to this spot and defend/attack”, while the non-combat command is to “move to this location”…

medic/healer unit
although it was only touched on briefly, it was interesting to hear some chatter on the class, as it is so often discussed here… @Tom mentioned it would likely be more akin to a “natural” healer/herbalist type unit, but he was just voicing the first thing that came to mind… nothing concrete, other than a healer of some sort is indeed planned…

I don’t envy you @Avairian… quite a lot of goodies to sort through! :smile:


Also, I believe Tom mentioned that we might get both a magic healer and a non-magic healer. :smile:

Cool stuff for sure!

Should we tell them about veins and motherlodes?

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