Q&A videos / LiveStream summaries?

Greetings everybody,

During the last live stream, I found out that a lot of people don’t actually know which questions have been asked and answered, while most of them can be found in the Q&A thread. That gave me an idea to make a video compilation of all questions asked and answered in the live streams. This would take some work though, and before I start this endeavor, I would like to ask you all:

Would any of you rather watch Q&A videos than read Q&A threads?
Would any of you watch Q&A videos, but not read Q&A threads?
Would you say Q&A videos are unnecessary?

(edit) And @voxel_pirate came up with another idea, which might be useful for some people to make summaries of the live streams, so people won’t have to watch the whole live stream to get all the information they want. This too would require some work, so I would like to ask some more question:

Would any of you rather watch a Live Stream summary than the full Live Stream?
Would any of you watch a Live Stream summary, but not a full Live Stream?
Would you say Live Stream summaries are unnecessary?

Any feedback would help me decide if I should make Q&A videos / Live Stream summaries, so please answer :slight_smile:
If there is a crowd for this, I’m willing to put some effort in this. If not, I’ll let is pass.

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To be honest, I am not sure if this effort is worth it. The problem with a video is that you cannot search for a specific topic or question so you have to watch the whole video. The only way out would be to create separate videos on different topics… but again, personally I would rather look this kind of information up in a thread.

@Ellogeyen If you really want to create some videos… have you thought about summaries of the streams? I guess some people would appreciate a 15 minutes summary compared to the original 2 hours live-stream. Something similar to what StoneHearthCentral is doing with the Desktop-Tuesdays.


It’s a very good idea, one that I hadn’t thought of :smiley: I’ll add questions relating that to the first post