Streamlining Livestreams

No matter what happens there will always be off topic questions comments and remarks during a livestream its human nature to have them. :smile:

But if we can keep the questions to the topic at hand. More stuff could get accomplished during a stream. As an example maybe dividing the streams 2 hrs into two 1 hour segments and say working on the weaver for an hour and the farmer for the second hour. Who knows what could get done.

We as a community would see more of the game and more of the game could get closer to completion. Which to me atleast is a win win.

Please discuss

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the off topic questions point has already been talked about on another thread. however i do like the idea of two topics being talked about an hour each at times perhaps some on one topic and others and hour each on two

yep it was but it was tied into the last Workshop Modelling Livestream and i think this needed its own topic so that it could be talked about more in depth.

Because if we can help them get more done we help ourselves get a better game sooner :smile:

Personally I think as far as questions go they should be taken solely from Google Moderator and the Discourse. Chat should be focused on input as far as what’s on the screen. The chat questions portions always made a bit upset, but the input in modeling was nice to see.

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i think you know my stance @Zendorf :wink:

but as we were discussing, i think having more “focused” sessions is better for everyone… i got the impression during the last stream that Tom was looking for more content specific questions and discussions…

the level of interactivity with the community is unprecedented (for me at least), and these live streams are an excellent means for us as a community to really get involved in the overall process…

I agree that the chat on twitchtv does help with modeling @Tom @Ponder and @sdee can get direct feed back from the target audience and that really helps. Or atleast it seems to have helped. (please correct me if i am wrong)

As for the questions where ever they come from there should be 1 source for the questions and answers and then stored in @Geoffers747 Q&A or as i refer to it as the FAQ sheet.

Having a 1 stop shop for the questions and answers will only allow us as a community to progress faster and with more questions that relate to the topics at hand.

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