Tony, Tom & Stephanie, can we have a livestream soon? :)

Well, I love just watching you guys talk about your game. I just want to learn EVERYTHING about it and then hack you and steal your game and then play it.

So anyway, when is your next stream? Not to seem impatient, I want you to get everything done with this game without thinking your fans are too demanding, but refer to paragraph 1.

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In the comments to the last news there is an interesting reply you might like…

Maybe next week…we’ll see.


Yer they’ve said that streams post kickstarter would perhaps be once every other week, or once a month.

They said that MAYBE next week they can do a stream… but MAYBE, it’s in a Reply made in the last update in their main web stonehearth

Ah!! i was going to say the same :stuck_out_tongue:

I am currently eating pizza and making Qubicle stuff. I could live stream it for you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Go Go Go :slight_smile: streaming of Qubicle !!!

I want to know how paypal is doing also!

I think at last count it was around 70k :slight_smile:

There pretty hard at work so i’d wait a week.

while my gut reaction is one of selfishness (wanting to have a livestream every week), i think it would be much more efficient to have their regular dekstop tuesdays with a random “here’s whats on my screen!” (hopefully not pulling them away for more than an hour or so), with a monthly (more involved, both in terms of content and setup) livestream to go in-depth on the latest happenings over the last 30 days… :slight_smile:


IMHO before a livestream the community should prepare a list of questions. ie. right here on Discourse.
That way they wouldn’t have to wait and see if someone asks something in the live chat.
It also would benefit someone like me living on the other side of the world to participate. I like Stonehearth but not quite enough to get up at 4am to watch a livestream.

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I agree with @SteveAdamo as much as I’d love to see them live stream often, for the sake of the game they should be left alone so we have a spectacular beta come December :smile:

you’ve got the right idea there… :smiley:

i’ve been tossing around some ideas for “community efforts”, and need to discuss them further with @Geoffers747 and the radiant folks… but this is indeed a good way to both get the community involved, as well as help focus the livestream sessions…

we’ll just have to see what pans out, but it certainly seems like a good idea to me… :wink:

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You can start a new thread for each livestream and edit the top post to show the list of requested questions.

indeed… as future streams are announced, we could make an associated thread and collect questions there (trimming out the non related posts to keep them focused and useful)…

I’d like to see them bi-weekly once Radiant settles down, but maybe more focused; the top ten questions, show off one interesting thing, and that’s the stream. The prior ones were awesome, but also tended to meander all over the place which is why they ended up being two hours long.


Yer I think a good set up would perhaps be something like 10 questions at the start that are pre-determined.

Then throughout the stream people could ask questions related to the stream or some aspect of how the stream will translate into game? And the most popular or relevant ones of these, another 5 or 10, the google moderator could be used to determine these? Would then be answered at the end?

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Where did you find that number out of curiosity?

I can’t reveal my sources! But rest assured, they’re 100% accurate :slight_smile:

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is is Gargamel? 'cause you totally cant trust that guy…