Stream 300's getting closer!

If I’m counting right, it’s in 11 more streams, which places it somewhere in November (or December or so, if we have some weeks where the stream is cancelled.)


  • Stream 200 was a big event with the whole team
  • You now have a better streaming room, from what I understand
  • There’s been some confusion lately here on what the vision for the game is
  • We have no clue if Tom and Tony are actually still alive like you say they are

It seems like it would be a good time to do something in the style of stream 200. Maybe don’t look back quite as far this time, because you’ve all already done that before. Do show us what you’re all working on coming up, like last time. But given the way the forum’s been lately, I think you also need to let us know where the game’s headed - assuming you’ve figured enough of that out by then.

Best of luck for when it eventually comes up!


Yes! A this is what’s happened between 200 and 300 and here’s what’s next (sneak peaks). :wink:

Confusion of the direction of the game though…I mean they seem to have the vision part down, we’re just kinda stalled because certain systems needed to be updated which takes a lot of time and manpower. Most of the posts I’ve seen on the forums that seemed negative were because:

  • People can’t be bothered to understand the theme and feel of the game and they wanna try to turn it into a version of some other game they’ve played rather than respect the vision of what’s presented. I’m all for giving feedback to try and see if an idea meshes, but this is Stonehearth. It’s fine to take some inspiration from other games, but don’t try to turn this into something it’s not…next!
  • Impatience. Folks don’t understand how long a game takes to develop…how long a GOOD game takes. This happens with a lot of Kickstarter games. I’m gonna be a bit hearthless :content: here…but a Kickstarter is not a guarantee that we’ll ever actually see a game. We’re taking a gamble by investing and hoping it’ll pay off. We’re not entitled and if we don’t have the patience to wait 5+ years then we shouldn’t be backing Kickstarters to begin with. They have to do what’s best for the game, if that means rebuilding systems then so be it. I’d rather they take the time than push a crappy half-finished, unpolished mess out the door and rely on the folks purchasing a “finished” product to bug test for them.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I figured we had a few more tiers of the storyline ending in a titan type fight. I’d assume you could then just continue to build/play on the map or roll the game over into a story+ type mode with harder difficulty, but some new swag from the defeated titan lol. A few coop multiplayer modes, a cutthroat survival vs. mode, and eventually World of Stonehearth where we play individual hearthlings working together to build kingdoms and craft all the things. :jubilant:

Great call on the stream 300 @coasterspaul! Best of luck to the Stonehearth devs!!

Edit: LOL okay I went all ranty over negative bits I’d seen, but that’s not really the same as confusion so apologies for that, but I’m leaving it cause I just watched the stream and someone had the nerve to tell Luke (the new guy) to shut up so Steph could talk more. Some peoples children I swear…


I’m still convinced they’re in the ceiling of the previous office.

I think you need to spend a little more time reading the forum. I’m not going to restart an argument here, but your two reasons aren’t very valid, more specifically the first.

Actually they both apply to a handful of posts I’ve encountered. The game has evolved and the devs are realizing the limitation of what they can accomplish. I think the evolution has affected what the concept of the game is and can be. Could they cobble all those things together just to deliver on all the promises and leave you with a empty experience with little replayability? Sure. Does that mean they should? No.

Certain folks feel they’ve been hoodwinked. It’s cool I understand, but doesn’t change the fact that mistunderstanding and impatience are very valid reasons why some folks have complained on the forums here. Read some of the replies to the DT folks complaining about how long it takes to develop a game. I wasn’t applying either of these points to anyone in particular, but if you felt they touched on you personally my apologies. :wink:

P.s. This is a discourse not an argument.

Could you show me some examples, so I understand better? The reason I ask is that short of everyone begging for Multiplayer, I’m not seeing where anyone but the devs have been trying to make it into a different game than it is (mods excluded). Suggestions yes, but not flat out wanting to force the game into something we weren’t promised.

Your second post, I’ll refer to what I said about its Kickstarter on the other post.

Eureka!!! There’s part of the mixup lol. I’ve been seeing Suggestions that are outlandish and have nothing to do with the game.

The other half of that is that I wasn’t around for the Kickstarter bit. I’ve been here for a year. The concept I was sold a year ago of this being a storybook like journey you take with your hearthlings to guide them and improve their lives is very much represented through the changes they’ve made within that time and what I’ve understood to be the direction the game was headed. The game I was sold was not some empire building slaughter fest, it’s an endearing voxel building game with a heart. Even some of the monsters we “fight” are cute and quirky, have personality, and can result in friendships. Promises made during the Kickstarter that don’t mesh wish that concept go against it, because that’s not what I understood the game to be. Just because Kickstarters were sold a page of talking points doesn’t mean they hold a monopoly on the concept. It seems to have evolved and the Steam folks, like myself, that came later were sold a more personal experience. One side isn’t more right than the other. We’re all supporting the game.

I sincerely hope that we can all get what we want out of the game!! After all this discussion and seeing where the differences lie I get why some folks are beginning to doubt. So thanks SirAstrix I now understand why there is so much confusion. To answer your question it’s a mix of wonky Suggestion threads and disconnects between the Kickstarter page and the fluffier game concept I was sold lol.


just one more week until stream 300 ^^ perhaps we will see tom and toni hope xD

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Tonight is stream 299… featuring @linda !


Maybe, but I’m not sure that Tom and Tony are’nt being held hostage by Riot, to encourage the rest of the StoneHearth team to be more productive.

You can judge whether that’s working or not :wink:


dont spill the beans :joy: now riot needs to find a new way to encourage

files a formal request to have tom and toni appear on stream 300.:wink: :wink:


Woop woop just some more days!

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I’m a little sad I haven’t finished a city in time, but everyone else just blew it out of the park. Definitely looking forward to stream 300!

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I second this. Would love it if Tom and Tony say HI and tell us a little of what they have been up to. :heart_eyes::smiley:

I miss seeing them in streaming.

The last time they appeared in a stream was during stream 200 :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my God, this needs to be a thing, the ability for this to happen would never pry me away from my computer


soooo i have set my alarm clock to 2.50am GMT+1 so that i can join the stream xD

So basiclly its 2.50 CET? You are from germany right Wiese? Edit: nevermind, it says so on your profilecard… :smiley:

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Sooo Stream 300 is finished and we have seen Tom and Toni :smiley:

For all who wants to see also Stream 100 and 200:

Just for Info - in the preview from Dropbox you can only see 15min - so dl needed :wink:

And if someone hasnt Dropbox yet - please use this link Dropbox - You're invited to join Dropbox! xD i need a least 3 people to have enough space to save Stream 300 xDDDD