Stream of 20 April


Always good to have Chris streaming, he can’t help saying what he thinks.

Interesting to hear that the building system is being rewritten. From his description, it sounds as though this is a necessity, but yet another delay. I’m wondering if any of Tom and Tony’s original designs are going to make it into the final product. Concepts yes, designs, hmmm maybe.


It was great! The new system sounds much more ambitious and flexible.


Man… I’m kicking myself for losing the stream!!! Actually, I’m kicking my computer, that only notify me about useless mails, but when it is important it decides that it is ok to not warn me… :rage:

I do not want to play favorites, but his streams are at the top of my list :smile:


Your computer sounds like my phone, it sent me a notification AFTER the stream was over that it was starting lol. Luckily I set an alarm for 10 minutes before the stream just to be sure.


Due to time zones, I never reach the stream live, but I enjoy them nonetheless on YT.


yea the same here or on twicth after its done… i never seem to get those notifications either, even though they are set to come… My phone dont notify me of emails during the night, migth be that.
But awesome stream with alot of cool features in the builder to look forward too!


Stayed up till 2:30 am to watch half of it, was basically falling asleep so I had to stop :frowning:
Chris’s streaming is great, he isn’t afraid to the explain complex conceptional problems he is having which is nice, allows us to see where he is coming from and where he is going in his development.
Keep up the great work!!


Don’t forget: Just because you don’t see Tom or Tony on streams anymore doesn’t mean they aren’t still involved in Stonehearth. All good ideas get better through refinement and reflection. These systems were all bound to change, in some cases dramatically, throughout the course of development, and Tom and Tony would likely be the first to say the same thing.

I am totally excited for Chris’s upcoming rewrite. I know a few players who have taken breaks from Stonehearth until ‘they fix building’, and the direction Chris and team are taking building, I think, will really unlock Stonehearth’s full potential.