Twitch Stream: Making game assets: Doors, windows, icons, etc. (no mic)



Okay, have finally been able to watch it and go through it all. Got some nice stuff coming up for Stonehearth :slight_smile: .

A few graphical things I noticed whilst watching that @Tom didn’t (I think) log as bugs:

Double Doors:
-Buggy open/close animation.
-When set into a wall, it opened when hearthlings were quite a way away.
-Doorframe can be walked through :open_mouth:

-Logs to burn not placed in centre, but off-set, then teleport to centre.

Building Walls:
-Don’t go into the ground, meaning the “front walls invisible” viewing mode lets you see the grass underneath :stuck_out_tongue: .

And now for some spoilers based on what could be seen in the video…

1. Interior walls have their own icon in the building designer.
2. Cut-away view of the ground to see inside caves etc easily.
3. More roof colours / materials.
4. Building overview will show what you need and what you have to build it, with little progress bars showing missing materials etc.
5. Roads can be made of different materials, and with different pavement heights.
6. Floors now dig into the ground, but the “slab” tool lets you build them up still, so you can make crazy awesome things still.


nice summary @Teleros:+1:

one of the best streams I’ve attended… perhaps that’s because I was able to watch (almost) uninterrupted… :blush:


That was the first stream I was able to watch but wow that was great! I thought I was excited before…

3 part clips of all 6 hours on YouTube if you missed it


Yes. All of the yes. Leave no yes unaccounted.


Does radiant post ahead of time anywhere when they will be streaming? If I knew ahead of time I could plan to watch. I almost always miss these things live, and the few I have caught were I think posted on the dev blog a day or more in advance.

Not usually. Tom just announced the stream on Twitter shortly before he went live. I’m sure if he ever does something like this again, he’ll tweet it out!

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the vast majority of streams have been announced ahead of time… but every so often, @Tom gets the urge to toss up a spur of the moment livestream!!! :+1:

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