Stonehearth Dev Stream 309: Q1 stream with Stephanie and Allie!

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Stonehearth Dev Stream 309: Q1 stream with Stephanie and Allie!

My own comment:
I really liked the stream: :smiley:. Don’t really have more to say about this part than that.

On the improved hearths: @Sdee mentioned that the hearths look so magical, that they could be considered 3rd tier hearths.
I agree on the looks, but I don’t think that it has to make a problem.

Solution: On tier two, you get the hearths but they aren’t super magical, just normal flames from normal fires, a little less extravaganza on the size of the flames, just normal.
Then when you get to tier three and get the fountains, next to the “sparkle pass” from said fountains, the fires from the hearths upgrade to these magical proportions seen the stream, to fit the tier 3-ness of the city.
Scince the hearth is so iconic for the game, it is not like I’m going to abandon the hearths when I get fountains. I might move the hearths someplace else to place the fountain in the centre of my main square or something, but they still have a special place scince it is something my hearthlings gather around.

Thinking about upgrading the hearths with tier 3 also made me think about upgrading the banners when you go up a tier.
tier 1 banners are made of wood and cloth, but a tier two banner could be a marble wall (or pillar) with the crest on it.
The a tier 3 banner could be a bigger wall, also with crests, (and maybe with one of these behind it) with side pieces that display the names of those who fell (which you’ll surely have at that point), or other historic commemorations.
But if you do this, then it would still be cool if you see the tier 1 banners all over your town, so they aren’t lost.


Questions I have being I missed it:

  1. Being world exploration isn’t going to be part of the game anymore, could we still get multiple connected maps (as talked about a while ago), or are we forever stuck with the single, same size map? And for those modders among us, is there a chance you could release the exploration text as a mod?

  2. A few streams ago (Stream 295), there was talk about expanding workshops, and then this stream showed off a lot of new concept art. What’s the status of those additions and changes? If this was stated, then I’m sorry I missed it.

  1. I can agree that those could be Tier 3, at the same time, I feel that Tier 3 should be a monument as by that time you have a city, not just a town.

  2. Not just this stream, but others as well, there’s been the remark made multiple times of “If we have time, we’ll do X”. Seriously not being rude by saying this, but we’re already on year 5 of development, and last year it was stated the development could take another 5 years or more. Are there new time restraints on the game development? And if there are, how does this affect the game?

I wonder if the Hearths could also be used as a gameplay function, outside of being a really nice looking reward? For example a specific event or class of enemies where the enemy is focused on smashing or stealing your Hearth. This could give one section of the game a little of a “tower defence” feeling, as the enemies attempt to reach your Hearth. A great way to mix up the combat! This would have to go hand-in-hand with a more reliable way to aggro/immobilise enemies though…

Small questions that I wish I had asked on stream:

  1. Any plans on improving mining in the foreseeable future? Mining up, automatically building ladders and/or scaffolding and stuff like that? I’ve been looking at making a mod for it, to help out until you have time to do it properly, but if you know it’s coming soon then I might as well look at doing other things.

  2. Any plans on having events/quests that insert one or a few of your hearthlings as characters in the narrative? Like a visitor coming to town looking for his old friend {insert random hearthling} or {insert random herbalist} found a strange seed. (Sorry if this is already in the game. I haven’t seen it.)


I’m also interested in this. In the archipelago I just did a “your fisher found something” but the plan was to actually have his picture and name in it and he would be the one talking, not just a narrative of what was going on.
Max talked about this here:

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I’m not quite sure how you mean this in relation to my suggestion, if at all. Do you think I meant not having the fountains in tier 3, so you can have the hearths?

I think you should read this as: It is not in the planning for the next Y time, but it might get to a point where one of the people on the team have nothing to do while others are busy finishing a feature. Then there is time in the planning, without there being time restraints on the whole project. I think that those moments are the ones in which X get’s done.

From what I got from you was that for tier 2 hearths, they should be nicer than what we have now, but not as magical. I was suggesting that instead of tier 3 hearths, we should have monumental hearths, something that represents a city, in the way they were saying that the fountains represented coming into a town.

If we’re talking about the same thing in different ways, then I apologize.