The Flag & The Fire Pit

So I was watching one of the the streams and there was talking about upgrading the firepit and the flag to something called the stonehearth. I was just gonna throw in a suggestion even if it isn’t going to be done anytime soon. But a suggestion for how it could look graphically.

So if you upgrade the fire and pit into a stonehearth it becomes kinda like a “Statue holding the flag and a fire pit infront” or something like that to show your awesome rule of the town/city/castle/dungeon etc. This is basically everything with the suggestion.

Now that is just a thought, if you have an idéa or other kind of thought about it, please share!

Thanks for this awesome game!


I remember it being called The Hearth, but I could be mistaken.


If I recall right tis The Hearth as well.

Of course, we need a better way of acquiring fire pits, if we can upgrade them.

I’m pretty sure we’ll only be able to upgrade the Hearth, yet be ablt to craft normal fire pits.

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Yeh I wrote wrong I mean the Hearth ofc! And the suggestion is for the hearth!