My Suggestions for the game

Hey i though of the name, and i telled my self, Could there be some kind of rare stone that gives magic and the name of that rare stone would be a Stone Hearth? What do you guys think?

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Pyre looks around, shrugs
well, that’s a neat idea, but a stone hearth is basically a stone fire place

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:confused: :neutral_face: maybe?

Or we could make an earth of stone in the shape of an H :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea ;D
They have already been talking about useing D&D as an insperation scourse,
so why not make it so you groupe of mighty explores find a Stonehearth in a dungeon ;D

Or make different stonehearts for the different magic users?
They have been talking about elementalists! Earthhearth, waterhearth and firehearth maybe?

This would also make it so there is a great reward for exploring and make magic somthing you dont have right away ;D

It is not stoneHEART (as in the heart in your body), but stoneHEARTH as in a fireplace, a place of heath. They used HEARTH as a hearth often means home for people. And then they added the Stone for a more mystical feeling.

no one here has said StoneHeart…

it would appear @Hangalf did, although to be fair, i missed that on my first read… :wink:

People didn’t directly say Stoneheart, but they treated it like a Heart. How can a stone be a fireplace, or a oven? Are you supposed to take a fireplace in your bag?

i am 100%, and in every other way, confused by your response… :smile:

fireplaces and ovens have been crafted from stone for eons…

How can you take a fireplace with you? I think it looks like the creator of the thread says that you would find a magic stone giving your powers. It would be like “The Heart of the Mountain” in The Hobbit.

^ I think you meant the Arkenstone :wink:

he meant it just as a name.

I give up trying to explain…

I see @zukodark’s point…he’s saying that a stone hearth would not be a rare stone like @ownerpure5 said, and nor could there be different elements of it like @Hangalf said, as it is a stone hearth, a fireplace or something similar whilst people seem to be treating it as a stone that you can find which it is not, the stone in Stonehearth would be referring to the building material of the hearth and not that it could be a stone.

Any clearer? :eyeglasses:

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Almost there, people talks about it as a heart of stone or something like that.

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I made the typo one time be fair m8 -.-'
I was thinking of some stonehearths burning with different fires or something…

Saying it can’t be different elements is lacking imagenation :wink:

yup, complete, 100% pure, unadulterated confusion right here… :confused:

oh well, here’s a :rainbow: to make everyone feel better… :smile:

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Sorry, my English grammar is not the best and it is difficult to explain in another language.

dont worry, your English is just fine… im just dense… :wink:

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