Dev Stream 316: Messing w/ the new builder (with chris this time)

Dev Stream 316: Messing w/ the new builder

Dev Stream 316: Messing w/ the new builder (with chris this time)

As for luck and keeping fingers crossed, thoughts and prayers, I thought to get you something productive:

A bug squatter.

Also, +1 on the color system :P.

On a more serious note, I appreciate the year long effort you put into this system. The improvements are very good.

On the topic of an AI overhaul: Having seen the magic that redoing the buidler has been, I don’t mind it if you spended a while on reworking the AI to the three-stage system you describe. If this kind of change gives us like 20 extra hearthlings, then I believe it is worth it.

(clarification: if it’s just five hearthlings then meh, maybe it’s not worth it that much. The same goes for a second rewrite after the first one.)


Please give us the new builder!!!

No point posting here any more

Stable? Pshhh.

Not sure if you watched the stream, but Chris says when we should be getting it. Pay attention to the discourse in the coming weeks. Unless of course, you don’t have access to unstable.


Interesting to hear that the AI (in hindsight) could be better after a lengthy rewrite.

Can I suggest this is saved until post release or StoneHearth 2.

Thanks Chris, your streams are always very informative.

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Sorry my english is to bad to understand so fast all what he says.

But thanks for the info! I use anyway unstable.


Whaaat? Chris talking fast? phhhs it must be something you are imagining :rofl:

And he even said that he was slow in that stream since he was tired :joy:

But on a serious note… @sdee any thoughts on subtitles on the streams when they are uploaded to youtube? :slight_smile:


Not ideal, but usually youtube has the option for machine auto generated subtitles.


I know some YouTube channels are able to open subtitles to the community. I wonder if we’d have enough people in the SH community willing to help with subtitles?

No matter how fast he talks. I speak and understand english badly.

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