Dev Stream 271: Hanging out with Richard and Malley

Normally wouldn’t post streams, but this one is SO full of good information that I thought it would be good to have access to on the discourse. And what better place to discuss?



Yes! This was an awesome stream!

Personally, I would love to see more Q n’ A sessions like this! Definitely boosts morale and excitement for the game when we get to pick the brains of the developers for a little while.



Agreed! A ton of cool info packed into an hour and a half. Lots of good community questions, and lots of questions answered.

Very interesting thoughts from Richard and Malley, plus a lot of insight into game design in general.

Unfortunately no time to watch. What did they talk in regards to explorations, ruins, caverns, etc?

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Yeah, could someone give us a recap, please :slight_smile:

Aww, feel bad about the cats. Incase you didn’t see this, at about 1:17:00 one of them talks about how he has had two cats die whilst working there, and he is thinking about adding in them as rare encounters as spirits somewhere in the possible future. it seems like a nice little Easter egg for what were probably some lovely cats. :frowning:

Also, a small recap:

They would like partial demolition.
All classes and combat are probably going to be reworked.
They don’t like the ideas of babies.
They DO like the idea of relationships though, including things such as you might have a hearthling join that is the father/son of another hearthling you already have.
They were talking about the possibiltity of instead of daily updates, having mini-scenarios before hearthlings join your town (ex. they are being chased by goblins, so letting them in causes you to get attacked by goblins.)
Somebody is looking it making hearthlings able to repair damage to buildings.
They want the make the races more unique, as right now most of the uniqueness of choosing a different start is the biome.
The whole ghost cat thing.
They like the idea of equipment boosting stats.
They DONT like the idea of giving a reward for getting a hearthling to max level on all classes.
They think a royalty as “noble” hearthlings that have higher standards than usual hearthlings and may leave if the conditions aren’t good enough, but can be promoted into brand new classes, like say a frost mage, whereas normal hearthlings cant become this.
They had an idea originally about titans, but they were all just kind of tacked-on minigames that didn’t flow with the rest of the game, so they want to do some other improvements to combat first.
The guys doing the stream want training dummies, but apparently a few programmers don’t want it (Didn’t explain reason as they didn’t know it, but the reason the programmers didn’t want it was probably good)
SOMETHING INTERESTING: In the new patch, there is a trait called professor where if the professor talks to somebody with experience in a class the professor has experience in, the person talking to the professor gains experience.
Will add more (possibly) a bit later <3


Just listening to the stream cause I’m like half a week behind.
Richard describes some sort of narrative driven expeditions at 20 minutes in. Was wondering if @Brackhar and @malley have played Thea: the awakening. The entire game is this sort of narrative driven exploration.

I have not, just looked up a gameplay video… that looks SUPER complicated : /. Do you have a video you’d recommend to watch?

Here is an Aavak video that has a lot of the story driven part of the game :slight_smile:

cool, thank you : )!

Yeap! I beat it with one of the gods back when it first came out. Steam says I spent 17 hours with it? Overall I enjoyed it, and yeah, some of the story stuff there is akin to what I was referring to (though likely a bit more verbose than what we’d do in Stonehearth). I wish the crafting in that game was less fiddly though. :open_mouth:

Around 24:30 Richard talked about hearthlings holding conversations where they evaluate how they feel about a subject, and where they are happy when the other agrees, but frustrated if the other doesn’t.
I don’t know if this is the right place for it, but it gave me the idea for two traits. They are opposites of one-another: Stance-oriented and argument-oriented. The first has a bigger happiness boost when he agrees with another hearthling and a bigger frustration deboost when he doesn’t. The second has less of both boosts, but can reduce the frustration in the other hearthling, because he doesn’t discuss things to be right, but to find the right arguments.

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