Suggestions after playing about 15 hours

I played about 15 hours on the latest steam release, I think Alpha 19. Some simple things I would like to see added:

  • I’m fine with random stats for hearthlings, but it would be cool to choose character presets, so if a random 3,4,2 is rolled, I keep those stats but I click the avatar for a new hearthling name and look.
  • I don’t like the starting crew to randomize all of their looks as well as the stats. Stats are fine.
  • Along with that, maybe you could have romance options. If 2 hearthlings share a cottage, they get some silly buff like “lovers” and are a bit more efficient somewhere/somehow.
  • It would be awesome if there was an easy way to import others housing plans. Maybe the use of steam workshop or something.
  • Connecting fencing/walls at corners sometimes doesn’t turn out right
  • If you create motes like I did, it would be nice to be able to make a stone bridge or something, also like a wood or stone bridge for traversing mountains would be cool too, like horizontal ladders. The bridges across water is more important than the traversing mountains.
  • Adding signs to like blacksmiths house should have more than just aethsetics, maybe like extra buff or something when crafting inside one
  • More quests like the one about turning into a town
  • Randomly generated dungeons you can enter, procedurally generated
  • Obviously steam trading cards/steam achievements are probably planned but if not, thats a must imo

Just some random things I thought of after playing


Guessing you’re new here, so Welcome! I’m a nobody here and don’t represent anyone important, just a few notes and my thoughts added to the mix.

They have stated since not all of their players are steam players, steam workshop isn’t a priority. They are planning on some type of template workshop on their site. It is easy to import them right now, there’s just not much of a way to get them. I am not a good builder, but if you want to check out how to do it, download this zip from
Unzip that and it contains 3 templates. A template consists of a .png file and a .json file so there’s 6 files total inside the zip, just drop them in

Or if you can’t find it by that path open the steam app, right click stonehearth, click properties, click local files tab, click browse local files and follow the path above from there.

You can change the name already, just open the hearthling’s character sheet and click their name. Appearances are just stuck, you are right on that.

This seems backwards from realism. Now if you add them fighting, throwing objects after they leave the house separately, chance of breaking furniture, and just speech bubbles filled with $@%#@$, that’s more realistic.

I agree that buildings in general need to have some special ability. They are working on something along these lines though with decorations and stuff, not sure how it will work out in the end.

99% positive more quests are in the works

Might be fun, but to me it might be getting off the stonehearth train a bit. Currently there’s lots of enemies that attack, pretty hard to send your military away for a while on some mission. Also I’m picturing the dungeon as having to be a completely different screen. That would make it hard to keep everyone building, mining, harvesting, and all those other things while you’re off on an adventure. I have heard mentions of combat quests though, so maybe some enemy villages or something can appear in the distance and you have to go raid them. Something big enough you can’t take down in 1 swipe, you just have to attack until you get overwhelmed, then run away to fight another day.


You can easily create your own bridges across water and mountains… you just have to design it yourself using blocks…

they are going to completely redo the fence placement including end pieces and a fence tool so you dont have to place them piece by piece and could drag it like walls.

The building system will be changed entirely eventually to allow for you to edit buildings that are already built

The game will also add seasons/weather and dungeons (portals into another dimension in this case) and titans (giant monsters than can wreck your town like dragons ect)


I wasn’t sure of this, I know you can cheat and use instant build, but can hearthlings build in water?

My only village isn’t near any water so never tried.

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Thanks for the ideas! I’ll pass them on to the rest of the team. :slight_smile:


I guess I’m just imagining these… :slight_smile:

Sure, There’s no achievements yet, but I’ve proposed a “few” here. I say few because, there’s a bit more than just a few.

I have no screenshots of this, but yes, yes they can. There’s currently no oxygen/breathing mechanic, so hearthlings can’t actually drown. They just move a little slower under water. (I think they move slower)

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I hope no one minds if I also share my first 15 or so hours. The big thing for me is templates. The ones in the game feel incomplete. The herbalist is missing a building, you also don’t have anything like monuments or store houses that could add to a town. The building themselves could use come more elements like storage, beds and other functional elements. The final issue I have with the templates in the game is they don’t level up. I was so excited excited about unlocking the tier two buildings except they are just hollow shells with no decoration or function.

The templates just bugged me well I was setting up, after some time I started to make my own or download new ones. After I was established, it was the traders that I hated. You out grow them eventually and you have no control over them. I was expecting the trade stalls to give you the ability to increase the number of offers you get, but they don’t. I think this could be a good place to add a new job class.

Other bits I want to complain about:
Mining is dull. I was expecting to dig down and find some ruins, or enemies, maybe some new layers, but nope just the same stone from level 1 to level 10.

What is the point of the stone mason? I mostly used them to grind my old stone into bird baths for money. Not really sure if I ever needed them.

Then engineer comes in way too late.

I was expecting more clothing from the tailor. Something like a blacksmith for your crafting jobs.

the game is still early on in development and several classes still arent in like the geomancer (a mage type class that can summon stone golems) and the magmasmith (like an enchanter as far as i know enchanting weapons with magical properties) these could add more use to mining… there will also be more enemies and stuff to look out for like the titans and other dimensions which you could send your hearthlings into to clear them out and stop enemies from coming thru ect.

the templates arent supposed to be good… your supposed to design your own buildings… thats like half the game right there the templates are just for quick easy to build buildings to accomplish very basic needs.

I believe once the website gets a good way to distribute templates, that will all be good. Some people love to build, some just want to put some prefab buildings. Currently there’s not a good channel for the 2 to meet.

As i said before they plan to completely redo the building system… as it stands right now you cant edit already placed structures/templates that well and they know its an issue which will eventually be worked on.

Oh ya. Editing, If I could edit the designs and save new templates I would be more OK with the templates being lacking.

I feel better about the healer because at the very least they feel different. The mason is the same as every other crafting class. Also I use a lot of energy potions.

I think the mason was originally going to be required for building anything out of stone (making stone bricks as the potter does for clay) but they decided against it for some reason so it doesn’t really do alot now.

Even if that was the case, it just becomes the third building class.