It's time for some Acheievements!

Nothing is more satisfying than fake internet milestones to brag about to your friends, so I propose that the team should add…

Steam Achievements!
Now you can play StoneHearth and be able to prove to your friends that you’re better than them!

—This is a list of achievements I think would make sense. They aren’t in any particular order, they aren’t official, but darn it they’re cool.—

[details=Achievements]The First Day
Reach the first daily update

Cut down 1000 trees

Small town
Reach 10 hearthlings

Master Craftsman
Have a carpenter or potter reach rank 6

Proficient trader
Fulfill 10 trade agreements (The ‘I’ll be back in __ hours with ___ if you give me ___.’)

Now it’s official
Unlock the Tier 2 building templates (Or reach Town level 2.)

Permanent Settlement
Reach the second in-game month

Bustling Town
Reach 20 hearthlings

Reach 50 hearthlings

Goblin slayer**
Finish the Ogo campaign

External Adjustments
Play with a mod installed

Full Force
Have a cleric, knight, archer, and footman

Imported Blueprints
Finish constructing a player made blueprint

Place and repeat
Place 5 templates

Custom built
Make 5 custom templates

Secret Acheievement

Harvest A bunny statue

** = Are they goblins? I’ve never gotten to him! (yet…)[/details]

I think we are at a point far enough along where it would make sense to add in achievements. I always try to go for them, and having a “reward” for beating Ogo might motivate me to actually do it! More could always be added later. Are there any other milestones that you guys think should have an achievement tied to them?


I like this idea a lot. To answer your question: Yes, Ogo Skullbonker is a goblin.

But, we are cureently still in alpha and it would not make sense to me to add achievements in a state of still not having all the core mechanics in the game.

Even if we’d get achievements right now I’d advice against the 50 hearthlings achievement because in it’s current state a lot of computers cannot keep the game smooth with this much hearthlings. Which would make people indirectly getting punished for not having the best system by not being able to reach 100% completion


I like a few of these achievements but I dont like the “Play with a mod installed” because of 2 reasons. 1. The game itself counts as a mod(this is where you find the main files for stonehearth) 2. Some people dont like to play with mods.

As for 50 hearthlings thats WAY too many. 20 should be the max for the most amount of citizens for achievements because that is the max stable amount you can have.

“Reach the first daily update” should probably be “Complete the first daily update” or “Recruit a new Hearthling”

I dont like the idea of the construction achievements either…“Player made blueprint” should be replaced with “Design a custom building” because default templates are “player made blueprints” as well. There shouldnt really be a reason for 3 blueprint achievements so you can easily cut them down to two; Design a custom building and then build a template

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True there, I just figured it be one of the “top tier” achievements.

While it is true that some people don’t like to play with mods, the game can tell whether or not the modules(mods) are the default ones (stonehearth.smod, radiant.smod, and both rayya’s) or if they’re player installed. This is denoted by the small M in the upper right hand corner of a game if it has been modded.

This makes sense. I wasn’t sure how to go about a “survive the first night” sort of thing.

The default templates are now actually stored separately from player made templates. If you go into the “saved objects” folder you’ll notice how the default aren’t there. I also figured that since this game really centers around building that it would make sense to have a larger number of building related achievements.

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I have to disagree respectfully here. I don’t think that all achievements have to be reachable by someone who has a minimum requirement computer. I don’t feel it is necessary for every achievement to be reachable by everyone. Looking through my Steam Library, there are numerous games that have lofty achievements that call for a powerful computer, or that have conflicting achievements (like defeat Ogo and make peace with Ogo in our case) that encourage players to play multiple games.


@jomaxro It would be unfair to those with low end computers because they would never be able to get all the achievements without shelling out for a new computer. I cant even get past 25 hearthlings myself because my current game has slowed down to the point where the hud doesnt even load any more when I load the save file.

@TheDerpySupport that is just my personal opinion - I know not everyone has the latest and greatest computers - but I feel there should be something to encourage people to get into really late games, even if it isn’t possible for everyone.


i have to agree with @jomaxro, i don’t think every player should be able to get every single achievement . there are tons of games i have that i’ll never be able to get all the achievements for, i just don’t have a good enough computer, not to mention the time i would have to invest in the game to get it. i think that’s fine though, it makes the players who have those achievements stand out and show they worked to get the achievements.

anyways, i’m rambling and i’m tired, so this post probably won’t make a lot of sense…

Thing is, you’re pretty clearly, like me, not too worried about achievements. I do know there are people who will actually refuse to buy a game if they can’t get all the achievements, or who will be very unhappy if they don’t get them all. Having an achievement which is not limited by the player, but rather by the hardware, means that you’re not allowing someone who cares about the achievement to get it through skill or time investment, but rather solely through a real-world gate of money. That’s tantamount to pay-to-win, and is poor design. Just because you and I don’t care about something doesn’t mean it’s not important to someone.

I probably couldn’t even install Dark Souls without dying, so I’d never get an achievement there. But that’s because I’m bad at games, not because Dark Souls requires something other than player time&effort. Working to get an achievement is fine, as long as everyone doing the same work can be eligible for the same achievement.

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About the 50 hearthling, to have 50 hearthlings and play the game on normal or hard mode you need a supercomputer not just a good computer (playing doesn’t mean it lags or the simulation runs slowly, I mean so you can run the game at x2 speed with no stutter or frame rate drop).
Team radeint have all the money in the world to spend on PC’s and stuff and even when they load Kythandra’s massive builds there PC’s crash and lag like crazy and these builds normally don’t even have 50 hearthlings.

35 hearthlings would probably be a more respectable amount for the time being, if there is some crazy advancement in PC’s or the devs have some amazing efficiency developments then yeah, put it up to 50 but then we’ll be having this same conversation with 100 hearthlings.

An achievement that would be just as hard but actually doable would be to survive for a whole year. Or survive for an entire month with the last gong placed.


Follow up to the 50 hearthlings debate, one of the games I like to play on Steam, Dead by Daylight there’s an achievement (2, one for killer and survivor) to reach skill tier 1. You start at 20. I’ll never be able to reach skill tier one on either side, and so I’ll never be able to earn those achievements. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t exist though. It just means they’re rarer among the people who play.

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[quote]I’ll never be able to earn those achievements. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t exist though. It just means they’re rarer among the people who play.
[/quote] that was my original thinking as well, but as was pointed out later on, that would no longer be a case of “i dont have the time to put into getting that” but “i dont have a computer that can handle getting that” which is kinda unfair…

that being said, i’m personally still “on the fence” with that one, because there are players who cant get more than about 15 hearthlings (me being one of them) without their computer exploding anyways, so not being able to get 50 doesnt really matter…

For me, this is a wrong way to approach it, because, well, Hearthling count doesn’t really tell much, and i personally embrace achievemets that may require a stronger PC

Simply because if you limit the achievements to be minimul specs, you limit the achievements entirely,
I’d expect there to be a hardmode specific achievement for bosses, something like ‘defeated the orc chief in hard mode’ but the problem is here, the orc chief isn’t too hard, but the difficulty will increas as time goes, and you’ll ‘NEED’ more people to defeat them, but yet, it’s odd to Not add an achievement for defeating a more late-game boss, simply because people that have lower spects of computers may not be able to handle the population that is almost ‘requred’ to defeat said boss.
And what does this even mean? Is every combat encounter required to be beatable with -9 combat classes in hardmode? Than why even call it hardmode? If you have a combat squad stringer that 10, you don’t have any more challenge, if you escalate it, it needs more people, than what about the specs?
It’s a mess to compensate to the ‘not so high’ specs of computers in a game like this, you simply can’t stop needing higher specs

And really, even if the game is optimized to a point where the suggested specs are capable to handle 50 hearthlings, now what about 100? What about the more later game combat? Everything that is late-game is somewhat partnered with having more people, and i genuily think we shouldn’t limit the achievements to be defined by “can the minimul specs do this?” Because if this game was like… say, ‘BadLands’, sure, it should be, but this game has a unique priblem of limitlessly escalating hardware requirements as the game progresses, and will always be so even with intense optimization because it’s not like a game such as BadLands where hardware requirements stop at some point, it’d always growing for every gaming experience out there

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Well, lets not forget that the game will be even more optimized in the future and therefore run on weaker computers with more hearthlings. And maybe they even add more gaphic settings, so that you can lower it even more. This should enable you to have more hearthlings.

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