Will we have achievements?

just a random thought (responding to a comment on the campaign)… will SH have achievements for our units, settlements, etc.?

nothing jumps out at me as overly obvious, was just curious to know… :slight_smile:

Would really love it if there are achievements. I am such a person who wants to collect them all xD

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its going to be on greenlit so Steam=achievements

Not all Steam games have achievements…

I would hope that there was some sort of skills system for the units, if that is what you meant. For ex. One worker farms all day and the other cuts trees. At the end of the day, the farmer has more skill/speed/output of farming than the woodcutter.

To my cities/towns it won’t actually matter. Communistic collectivism for the win.

sorry, that wasnt what i meant… although i am absolutely ecstatic about the skill tree system they have in mind:

i was actually thinking more along the lines of “you felled 1000 trees!”, and there is an associated “title”, etc. you know, completely trivial stuff… :wink:



So, woodcutter has cut 1000 trees, achievements tied to individual settlers, perhaps something aesthetic is unlocked as well as the obvious changes in skill level, that reflects that this unit has cut that amount of trees.

This could tie in to any class as well, perhaps it unlocks extra little perks, or abilities, or for the sake of balance is something merely aesthetic that allows you to distinguish or be proud of certain units.

I apologise for any incoherence above, I’m afraid excitement got the better of me.


indeed… that was more or less what i was trying to convey… if you accomplish something mundane (chopping 100 trees), you get a new title… Mer “the Lumberjack!” Burlyhands… while accomplishing something more impressive (chopping 10,000 trees) and Mer gets a 20% increase in speed, or some other applicable stat…

i dunno, its just fun to have achievements! :smiley:

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If their are no achievements in the game. It won’t effect the way I play.

yes, of course… they really are (more often than not) just minor elements… no real gameplay effects…

but discovering them is also part of the fun… “hmm… what happens if i craft 100 silver shortswords?”

goofy, i know… but fun for those of us with pseudo OCD… :smiley:


Well convey it better!!!

I did just get a bit excited at the idea though so it’s probably me jumping the gun and just writing down everything - you’re like my human notepad. Feel special?

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special, yes… and a little unnerved as well…

walks slowly from the room


I’m guessing you mean achievements that are like the minecraft ones e.g. when you get your ‘minions’ to chop down the first tree you’ll get an achievement of something like “so it begins…” and daft ones like trapping a goblin in a building and it saying “stuck like a pig” I’m guessing the ones for individual ‘minions’ will be part of the tech tree so as Mer murders 1000 trees he becomes a lumberjack and chops trees down faster or gets more wood from it.


precisely what i was trying to say… :slight_smile:

and that would be fantastic, I love trying to achieve every achievement especially daft ones, and as part of the available to mod anything maybe people can make there own, though that might be better as a have you done this yet on a forum


I would like to see achivements in the game.

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I don’t like steam achievements… I hope it will be in game achievements :slight_smile:

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as do i, since i am rarely on steam… ideally, i suppose achievements would be available on both platforms (well, assuming the game is greenlit)… :smiley:

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It seems to me that achievements would be something very easy to mod… at least in terms of adding new achievement objectives into the game. Monitoring triggers for an achievement system would be incredibly easy to add into the game with Lua scripts and would be trivial in terms of CPU overhead as well.

The tricky part is that the achievement system may need to be put into the base engine in the first place. Again, it isn’t overly difficult but it is something that would need to be put into the base engine and hooked into the critical parts of the game.

I would like it if we have in-game achievements and steam achievements.