Achievement Ideas

The game has to have achievements at one point. So I’ll start a thread with achievement ideas!

Humble Beginning is achieved by finishing the first quest.
‘Just… One… More… Minute…’ is achieved by having all heartlings sleep in a comfy bed.
Howdy is achieved by getting visited by a caravan.
First Blood is achieved by killing an enemy.
Roof Over My Head is achieved by building a house.
Green Thumb is achieved by harvesting 100 crops.
Honey, I’m on fire! is achieved by having a heartling catch fire.
Nature Shave is achieved by harvesting 50 trees.
-facepalm- is achieved by experiencing an error.
Genocide is achieved by killing 1000 goblins.
Harvest of a Century is achieved by harvesting 500 of each plant.
Ten Proud Years is achieved by having your kingdom survive ten years.
Skilled Barter is achieved by trading with travelers or caravans 20 times.
Sparta is achieved by having more footmen than workers.
Unberryable is achieved by having villagers eat only berries for 5 days.
You shall not pass is achieved by having a wizard kill a hostile mob before they reach your settlement
Dora is achieved by revealing 1000 x 1000 units of the world

Any ideas? I’ll list them on the list above!

If you’d like to discuss the actual mechanic of achievements then please head over to this thread: Will we have achievements?


Little Green Men - Get attacked by Goblins

Roof Over My Head - Build a house

Friendly Animals - Tame a rabbit, raccoon, fox, and squirrel.

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First Blood - Destroy an Enemy

Green Thumb - Harvest X amount of crops

Clear cutter - Take down x amount of trees

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Awesome! Added some of them to the list :smiley:

Millionnaire’s Club - Score over 1,000,000

Garrison - Train 5 footmen

Florist - Plant 10 flowers

Magellan - Explore entire map

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light lover- install 50 windows

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I moved 12 posts to an existing topic: Will we have achievements?

Conqueror- Be the aggressor against ten seperate goblin camps. In one game.

Napoleon syndrome- start three separate clan wars without troops.

Recluse- decline ten seperate caravans.

Ruthless- leave no survivors of an attack.

Order 227- survive a Titan attack without a hearthling retreating.

Like a Stonewall- While outnumbered, turn the tide of the battle, using recruits.

@Teleros more like these?


Revenge - Raid 10 goblin camps and leave no survivors.

Tough As Stone - Lead a army against a goblin camp and destroy it without any injuries to you.

Harvest Of The Century - Harvest 500 of each plant

@Teleros, well, why don’t you make some achievements as well, to see what you would like in a achivement. Achievements motivate the players to want to achieve and make stuff. Also, most Steam games have achievements, so why not? They also allow you to get bragging rights if you get a lot of achievements or if you have a really hard achievement.

You will be missed - Lose one settler

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Founders- Have at least one of your original settlers still alive by the 3rd year.

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Ten Proud Years - Have your kingdom survive ten years.

Genocide - Kill 1000 goblins


I think your Genocide achieve idea should have a higher kill number like 1000+ because a genocide normally is pretty huge on scale so killing 250 should be called like… Serial Killer or something


:smiley: Yeah but, hmm what other kind of achieves can we have

Skilled Barter - Trade with travelers or caravans 20 times

What did just happen? - Die during the first day. (I have no idea how to do this :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m not a fan of achievements that get completed while you’re playing a game:
Achievement - first mission complete
Achievement - second mission complete
Achievement - third mission complete
and so on…
I think there should be at most 10% of those gameplay achievement and the rest should be fun little mini games you can play and challenge yourself to.
Kingsville - all your citizens have a house of at least x m2 with a cathedral chair and a comfy bed.
Togetherberg - have all your citizens live in one house.
Hillside - build a house on every level of the map.


Built For a King - Build a castle and furnish it with curtains, comfy beds, cathedral chairs, etc.

Army Of A Hundred Men - Train 100 soldiers and fit them with armor.

Added a lot of them!

Now, if you dont mind, @Teleros if you have something against these achievements please go onto the topic made by @SteveAdamo about the idea of achievements. Here we are creating ideas FOR achievements, not if.

Could a moderator clean up? I want to scoll down and see achievement ideas, not complaints.

Will do.

I’m gonna add a link to your OP just to highlight that if people wish to discuss the general mechanic of achievements to head over to that thread.