List of Random Suggestions - Wish List

Hey there All - just got this game recently and loving it - had a few thoughts on the game in general and figured I should put them out there for people to see. This is mostly a wish list of stuff which probably aren’t possible without a lot of work, some are smaller suggestions though. Would have posted it yesterday, but it seems I hit my limit of posts in a 24 hour period.

Sorry if these are duplicates, and sorry they aren’t separated out into individual posts - there are a lot : /. Also sorry for the wall of text.


  • Number 1 Wish: You cannot assign any sort of priority to hearthlings. Would like a “this is top priority” flag functionality which could apply to a building, or mining operation, or thing to harvest, etc.
  • Could also be a general priority list in the UI which lets you drag each request around in priority.
  • It would be very nice to be able to lock doors – to keep hearthlings from going to locations where you do not want them going.
  • All spawns in world are evil – could there not be good spawns?
  • Traders come in and want to sell you stuff.
  • Gipsys move in and want to put on a show that boosts moral.
  • Strange witch gives you a selection between 3 boxes for 50 gold, but can only select one. One could have crap, another mediocre stuff, and another great stuff.
  • I was playing SMB3 and was amazed at all the different cool hidden things they give - White Mushroom houses, Flipping Card Game, Ghost Ship Full of Money, etc.
  • Workers often mine themselves into locations which they are stuck – would be nice if workers (or anyone) who was stuck would start calling for help. If another hearthling heard them, they could prioritize building a ladder to save that person.
  • Workers who are stuck a small distance above ground could jump down on their own - would help sometimes.
  • Would like for farms to make a little more sense – when you come into the world, farmers can automatically build various farm types form the get go. Would like it if you had to actually find the fruit/vegetable which you wanted to grow, and then farmers had to break that fruit/vegetable apart (or plant a root like a potato) to get it to grow.
  • Would like a new ‘designated zone’ which auto-harvests anything which is in it. This would be very useful for things like berry bushes or flowers. I find it a little frustrating and easy to forget the berries and non-farmed flowers.
  • Would like either for wood and stone (and any resource) to automatically condense itself to things like ‘log piles’ or ‘stone piles’ – or for there to be a way for a designated zone to support only ‘piled’ materials.
  • It could also be nice to limit the max amount of gathered resources – like I set somewhere that I can only have 100 stone maximum, and the rest is either sold automatically or destroyed or left where it is.
  • Would like a ‘ward’ (or whatever) which prevents enemies from spawning. So if there are areas which constantly spawn enemies, you can simply place this object there to have them no longer spawn. I believe you can build anything in that area to do that functionality, but the idea would work better ‘lore wise’.
  • One really great thing about this game is just letting the game run for hours unmonitored – unfortunately sometimes you come back to everyone dead, or sometimes everyone is alive and well, but you still don’t know what happened while you were gone. It would be nice to have some sort of graph or chart (or multiple) which show progress of various resources, when people were killed, what killed them, how many people you had overall, etc. Like Dota2’s gold chart, or Starcraft’s after game charts - lots of RTSs have this actually.
  • Could go further and look at what individual Hearthlings did with their time – how much time they spent building/walking/fighting/etc, what they ate, how long they slept, etc.
  • Along those lines, it would be a whole new feature, but it would be nice if stonehearth could function as a screensaver – loading up with nothing else is going on and having your workers do what they do in the background. I was thinking that your town would actually load up, but that would probably be too intensive and could have bad things happen - but a simple map with Hearthlings building things/fighting goblins/harvesting/etc. could be really peaceful.
  • Warriors sometimes have no one to fight, so they become out leveled – or you lose a level 6 warrior and need to train someone else up, but you have no way of doing that besides hoping they don’t die on the high level enemies which are around. It would be nice to have a ‘training dummy’ which could be constructed to train warriors on – maybe needs to be constructed by carpenters but only after having a cook who creates hay? That way it pushes this functionality to late game and people don’t just quickly train up their soldiers.
  • Alternatively, or additionally, it could be nice to have a device which calls enemies to you. A ‘goblin spawner’ so some extent. This could easily kill yourself though, so its problematic.
  • Enemies could be much more threatening if they knew how to climb over walls. An item in general which could be created is a rope and grappling hook. Would also be beneficial to workers, allowing them to get to hard to reach areas to mine or build, or save themselves when they are stuck.
  • There could be a little more variety in how the minerals are deposited – instead of being on one layer and all together, they could be broken up across multiple layers and have gaps where there is just stone.
  • When creating ‘mine block’ or ‘mine tunnel’ areas, it would be nice if they displayed in x-ray, so you could see completely what you were doing if you were ‘cutting through’ some other layer of ground above it.
  • Herbalist “buff tonics” seem a little odd in their application (not their functionality). It’s nice to be able to increase courage with a simple potion use, but having to go somewhere in the world and activate it via a bottle is a little odd feeling. Could there be a place in the UI where all ‘activate-ables’ were listed out and could simply be used via the UI?

Thanks for reading!


Yes to all of it O__O Specially the training dummy, assigning of priorities, I also love the idea of the gypsies randomly showing up to boost morale. The with is pretty interesting, as well. Actually yeah, everything you mentioned would be amazing to see in this game.

Had another thought - it would be nice if we could place ‘traps’ of various types… basically anything which causes damage to enemies who come nearby. Think trap doors where enemies would fall, or propeller blades that spin around and do damage, or mines that explode when they are stepped on. That way you could create a path for enemies to walk through to get into town and they would kill themselves : ). Not very sporting, but could still be very fun - would be something like Boss Monster.

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The trapper has this perk, but it’s not implemented yet.

Have you built a market stall?

That relates to the trader comes in suggestion you have. Granted I believe you call them to come, but truly unsure how it works since I myself have yet to build one.

Interesting ideas though… Quite a few especially when concerning AI, are a continuous work in progress. Not sure what to make of the priority thing, as I think they mentioned not to have fine control, and only a generalized one. Still interesting though. :slight_smile:

SH is not meant to be a mirco game. so with that telling them where to go is not up to you the player its their lives you just have to keep them protected

this exist just not an actually person… yet… may/not have a person appear not sure

could you go into more detail please. im curious about what you mean

not sure im understanding here. but if i am you can already since you have carrots,turnips etc to plant from the start

i personally think thats alittle to much mirco again

if you place a building or something player owned over there then they will stop spawning in that area but it will just move the spawn further away

Why? thats to much detail to store and a waste of memory

as cool as it sounds the problem is memory and ram and all the other things it takes to run a game vs a screensaver

MAGIC the most problematic thing in the game. will it work or not. but what i mean is magic spell that spawns goblins as allies or could back fire and they attack.

IM NOT PART OF RE! im just saying want they have said in the past as far as i understand what they said or what i know is in game but the ideas are not bad. the reswt of the ideas are good.

Sorry I wasn’t more clear for this point, I meant special traders with specific items which you might want but can’t get in other ways - like the bone axe or other rare things.

Here are various white mushroom houses:
Here is the matching game:
And the gold ship:

Not looking to have to control it manually - that would be painful - I just like the logistics of it. You would have to find the plant in the world to be able to plant a crop field of it, and it would take time to grow an entire field. shrug just a suggestion.

I don’t think it would be that much information, games do analytics of all sorts all the time they just often don’t show the players (they keep it for information on how to make the game better or sell items, etc.) Dota 2 tells players at the end of the game (or during if you are a spectator) in graph images like these:

For sure, definitely a pipe dream.

Well i disagree on this, As this could be done in some way. Locking door though maybe way to much, but Maybe a warning sign (keep out of area) would work. you would craft it and place it. It works for Craft the World (good game by the way) and has the same AI system mostly.

Super Mario Brother 3 mini games

“Sorry I wasn’t more clear for this point, I meant special traders with specific items which you might want but can’t get in other ways - like the bone axe or other rare things.”

Oh you were clear. Like I said that relates to the market stall. I guess you didn’t quite understand what I meant by that.

I didn’t say it was in, at least not what you are asking. I think.

The Market stalls you can use to summon merchants per say; which will have a cool down per stall placed. There will be an actual NPC merchant that will come to sell goods. I know how it works, just not seen it in action.

Now with what you have said that I quoted… That is subjective. What I want they already sell, mostly… There is quest merchants that have those rare things for trade. In the form of “If you trade me this for…” or “If you make me this for…” and it is rare in itself to see one appear that what you get from trade is one of those rare “Equipment” that you might want.

So basically it is a texted trade window, and not the actual store one. The text one comes in 2 forms.

  1. Asks for trading something you already have for an item. The item it what you will get for the trade.
  2. Usually has you make a certain amount of items whether you already have or not for an item. Again item you gain is the item presented.

Both are random to some degree, however #2 is they will come back in a range of days, so it will give you time to complete.

So technically if that is all you are asking for with that, it actually is in game, just rare and well… Might be having to do a pretty penny worth of stuff to get. There are good deals and bad deals among those types.

What I would like to see is more exotic furniture store types. Ones that offer what I actually want; which is the many items one could make. Like faction furniture. Which they have the exotic one for RC that sells stuff from the Ascendancy woodworker. Granted I could wait that sur amount of time when I get a carpenter, but having stores that you can barter with like that to get the goods with out having to worry too much on wood stock is a nice thing.

My point is what I want from merchants and what you want most likely would be quite different things. I only view equipment like that as a side thing in stores. As in only if I need to have for my soldiers. In which case, I usually don’t. What I need more is along the lines of aesthetic options, as that is what I do primarily.

Again the items in question you mentioned are obtainable already through those texted trade merchants.

Now what I thought originally was you meant a merchant rolling up in town in a wagon or something. That itself would be nice. Adds to the visual aspect. And the primary reason I said the market stalls relates to that, since those are a step in that specific direction. :slight_smile:

Note: that is from what I have seen in trades. It might have changed since I seen them last though; after all things change, but possibly might be more rare to see those offered.

Sure, I know the traders come in asking for various things in trade for certain items - but it is as you described, you give me these items for this specific item. I’m talking about another similar trader, but instead they would have multiple super rare items which you could choose from to purchase with money - but the merchant themselves would have a really rare chance to spawn.

As per the example in SMB3, there are many ways to get coins or power ups or extra lives - and similarly, this would be another way to get rare items.

The main point I was making though was that some of the spawns in world could be spawns with good benefits as opposed to only evil spawns for goblins/kobolds/orcs.

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better idea, hearthlings DONT mine themselves into a corner

Haha, Agreed - but fixing the AI is a huge task I imagine, while having a stuck hearthling call for help would be much simpler. They already know they can’t go anywhere, and they already pop a warning - but only when they are almost dead from starvation. This would just be repurposing existing functionalities to get rid of the bad issues.

Don’t know a good place for this. I just stumbled upon this. Procedural fire algorithm.
Do want.

Another image, this time from an abandoned voxel project called Vox. I tried to imagine how could demolishing blocks look like in a voxel world, then saw this. Looks great, so perhaps it’s a worthy idea to follow it, but with come corrections. I see it this way: destroying a block creates a particle effect with falling particles OR voxels subject to gravity (if there will be gravity in SH). The color of these particles/voxels is corresponding with the colors of the original object, imitating material destruction. Then after certain time these particles/voxels decay and disappear.

SH actually does have gravity on resources and such…

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I know this thread is old, but I just stumbled upon it today. And I want to say I love your ideas. especially the ones about other Hearthlings visiting your town (gipsy, travelling merchant/crafter, etc). It reminds me a lot of the visitors in Anno 1701, who came to your marketplace. They all brought different bonuses with them, like a travellingth blacksmith making free tools for you or a master brewer providing beer, a jester cheering up folks. Those visits could be linked to the tier of the town (hope there will be more tiers down the line).

Thanks for reading and not grabbing your torches because of me using some necromantics here :smiley:

Grabs torch and starts running NECROOOOOOO!

lol, I had forgotten about these points, I will bring them back up at some point : ).


And in case you forget… I will resurrect this thread once more :wink:
But this time, I am prepared and willing to unleash my most powerfull spells against your torches… picks up a bucket of water

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