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So first of all I’m loving this game and looking at the roadmap great things are happening with this game. But I’d like to just put forward a few things that maybe people would find interesting (I’m sure someone has mentioned a few of these) First of all we need to fix bugs so, Hearthlings being idle and not doing their job for some reason, game starts to lag very quickly at maybe day 15 when you start to get a few buildings etc. Monsters just sitting around and chilling choosing to have a smoke rather than come raid all the shiny stuff.

Now for suggestions

Game difficulty/Combat
I think that the game needs to be harder, or at least more interesting. Played on normal and managed to more or less obliterate all enemies with one guy. So I’m talking have enemy camps more often or more interesting and dynamic raiding parties. Spice up the combat! In terms of classes I’m ok with where it’s going, it would be nice to have a reason to have a party of two footmen, a ranged class and some form of support unit (mage, medic, bomber etc.)

Trading Caravans
Don’t tell me that caravan has arrived. SHOW me that a caravan has arrived. It would be so much more engaging if I could see a caravan strolling past. Make the game feel more alive because so far the only thing that’s alive is my Hearthlings and that one squirrel that’s chilling around

This is more to do with immersion similar to the point above. Make the world feel alive. Have random NPC’s in the game that can be interacted with for good and for worse

Random Events
I like how at the start of the day the game will tell you if you’ve got enough pizzazz to get another settler and that a caravan or trader has shown up. It would be great if you could choose from several settlers rather than just one random guy. But then again I don’t really mind as it is. My one gripe is the caravans and traders in the mornings though. Sometimes they’re completely useless to me at the time or give me some terrible offer that I wouldn’t take no matter the circumstances because it was just that bad a deal. It would be nice to have someone give you a task (a good one) and a random trader each day rather than half the mornings being wasted unproductively because the trader didn’t have your dank weed this time.

More classes/skills
Will there be more classes? Yes there will but what I do think needs to happen is the worker class needs to have specializations. So you could have a whole skill tree for the worker, they can all build, mine, haul etc. but have a skill tree that allows each worker to do one thing better, rather than all of them being Jacks of all Trades. What would also be nice is skill trees for all the classes. Want a tanky footman or a glass cannon footman? Carpenter that works faster or produces higher quality goods? A cook that can make recipes from other factions or can make food last for weeks? Stuff like that. Oh and Jesus a medic or doctor of some sort would be so damn interesting.(This has mostly been answered by the introduction of the Herbalist) Maybe removing the pretty fast health regen and making it really slow but having a doctor could solve that problem. Also being able to craft bandages or medicine (for a sickness mechanic? Had too much gourd curry and now I got the shits type deal) It would be really nice to have classes that can craft consumables for raiding parties to improve their effectiveness. It would also be great when the maps eventually get larger to have some sort of Scout or Explorer class. So they could explore the map and mark points of interest but it all depends on how dynamic the maps get.

More customization
This is mostly covered by the above topic but it would be great if you could create your own uniforms and clothing for your little Hearthlings. I find it quite annoying that alot of my Rayyas Hearthlings have these huge sideburns which disturb me deeply.

Action Queuing
Please dear god please. If it’s a bug then fix it. If it isn’t it really makes the game frustrating. Time and time again I find workers sitting around or not doing something that I told them to do. You finished your mining now go pick the bloody rocks up! It would solve a lot of problems if you could just set them to mine this first, then go harvest those trees, pick up the wood, then go back and grab the rocks from the mining.

Races and Factions
So obviously they are going to add more factions but I think what is the most important is that the factions function completely differently. The Ascendancy and Rayyas are quite different, the first using wood mostly and the latter using clay. With both races getting each others basic crafter and resources later on into the profession tree. Do more of this. Make the beginning of each faction completely unique and then they can start building other factions resources etc. What I would love to see is a faction that uses reeds or fiber to make their buildings, so grass huts or tatami something like that. Or cave people. That’s cool too. A faction that uses animal hide and bone to build huts that kind of stuff. Races would be cool too. So you could possible have two different types of Ascendancy, aesthetically looking different while also having slight variations to possibly stats or bonuses.

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It will be improved. The herbalist will certainly add a bunch of new idead with him. For now, improving AI would be better.[quote=“Sean_Leahy, post:1, topic:18893”]
Trading Caravans
That’s a minor detail. It comes with the idea of NPC. But from what I read, NPC is a complicated point. Do we want to see news camps developping or just sitting there like trees ?

The “bad caravans” are part of the game because for me it’s perfectly normal. If you consider you live in an entire new forest, the passing merchants can’t have what you are looking for.
Same thing for the new settler. But why not adding a random number (1 to 5 ?) for the settlers. But again, that would be hard because the condition for a new one would be changed and that’s complicated.[quote=“Sean_Leahy, post:1, topic:18893”]
More classes/skills
Of course, the herbalist is a good example. Plus, on the job list there is a lot of “?” standing there, waiting for new jobs :smile:[quote=“Sean_Leahy, post:1, topic:18893”]
More customization
Agree. You would distinguish much more the different jobs for instance.[quote=“Sean_Leahy, post:1, topic:18893”]
Action Queuing
Haha, that’s a bug :relaxed:

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The herbalist? I haven’t heard of that one yet where can I look at that? Anyways thanks for the feedback m8. I guess I agree with you on the caravans it’s just a bit ridiculous finding guys that ask for 5 stone tables for a stone maul when I’ve got 3 footmen kitted out with iron weapons and bronze armor. It’s mostly the fact that there’s no alternative and you can only get one caravan or trader that ticks me off.

Just right there : Click Me !
Yeah I know it happened to me for the wood. Just cut a whole world of trees and waited for a merchant selling wood. I’ve finally found him after many and many days. :no_mouth:

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Other settlements growing over time, especially enemy settlements, seem like a real need. If you can only get a resource, or decoration by raiding a goblin city there is a real incentive to NOT wipe out the goblins early on; and a nice balance that is needed between letting them grow big enough to be “useful” without having them really destroy your own settlement.

Ruins for undead, dens for animals, and other interesting spawn points and just random interesting things to find would make exploration more interesting too. Right now we find land, trees, water, and elevation in random (boring) configurations . . . once you’ve seen that there is no reason to go anywhere. The only reason to really reroll random maps is to find an interestingly shaped spot to start out.

Rayya’s Children can dig infinite clay wherever they go and the Ascendancy can farm trees. There really is no reason for me to send a group of Hearthlings out into the “wilderness” rather than simply expanding out my settlement as far as I want passively. Exploration just seems a bit pointless.

Having settlements else where on the map that you can trade with sounds great too. Especially settlements from the other civilizations.Yet I worry that they would be too easy for me to exploit and farm; I just decide that I’ll get all my wood from that Ascendancy settlement that has planted an orchard at the oasis and suddenly things get really easy.

We need a much better supply/demand based economy before trading settlements from competing civilizations make any sense to me.

In the next update, I believe that combat will be improved, although I’m not 100% sure. I have thought about this before, and I think it should definitly be looked at in the future

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New NPC settlements are really hard to add. How are they supposed to “work” ?
Will they expend ? Can you make teams or declare wars ? That’s a very long suggestion that must be cleared before starting add new features.

a multi-settlement feature is already planned for final release. it won’t be just you sitting in the woods with your small square map fending off the one encampment of goblins. the plan for the map is to either be infinitely generated, or so big that you’ll never reach the end (and probably will be such that past the edge of the map is simply a thicker kind of fog-of-war, and that you can’t go past the edge until hearthlings start exploring past that edge). having several settlements grow in the same environment is planned, although having them grow at the same or faster rate than the player will be hard to implement due to the fact that AI simply isn’t as good as humans to begin with, and unlike strategy games where they still often fall behind the human, there’s a lot of minor details in this game. it will be ready by the time multiplayer comes out. this game isn’t planned to be solely SSP after all. also, no faction aside from the “no faction” faction (beasts, undead, Jerry, demon kings, etc) will be purely hostile, neutral, or positive. while we can expect the fae and elves to be positive, while goblins to be negative, and humans can be a crapshoot, it’s entirely possible to be the democratic leader that brings together goblins, elves, humans, dragons, demons, etc to the table and form an everlasting alliance between the races. it’s also entirely possible to set that table on fire, along with everyone else at it. just like how right now you can appease the goblins and eventually even ally with them if you keep meeting their demands, or refuse them and wipe them out, all settlements will not have a permanent disposition towards you, and you can wage peace or war to your hearts desire. well, until you poke the dragon and it lays waste to your kingdom, of course.

Hey there @TR8R, welcome to the Discourse! Don’t have the time for a detailed response, but I wanted to say “welcome”.

and leave this here to remind myself to come back and give a detailed response when I am not on vacation…

Why thank you indeed my friend. FN2187

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I do hope that that happens because I love this game already (apart from the bugs which besiege my town when I get around 15 hearthlings and they refuse to do ANYTHING) It would make the game feel so much more alive because at the moment the only thing that does that is buggy goblins which may or may not attack.

OK. Said I would come back when not on vacation. I haven’t been on vacation for a while, but real life got in the way and I forgot to respond. Here we go!

So this topic was made pre-A14 dev builds, so a lot has changed since your wrote this originally. I think A14 is starting to show where TR is heading with the game combat wise, and I personally like the small bit we have been shown.

This has come up in other threads, and while it is an interesting idea, there hasn’t been a lot of consensus on how to do it. Where would the caravan come from? What happens if you have walls, or are on a plateau? I think it would be neat, but how to do it…I don’t know.

So if I am understanding what you are looking for correctly, this already exists. The Goblin Campaign - with the demands from the chief - is a NPC is different results depending on how you respond. Frostfeast - only compatible with A13 - also had some NPC-type interactions with the church of plenty. Help them and get gifts.

Well, with traders and caravans being random, I am not sure how one could improve them! Being random means that sometimes the trades are garbage and utterly useless, other times you get the best deal in the world. Unfortunately, that is what happens when things are random.

As you mentioned there will certainly be more classes introduced. I am personally in favor of more specialized workers, like miners and builders, but I am not sure that TR wants to move in that direction. One of their big goals has been to keep the game macro, and not require the player to deal with too many little things. If you suddenly have to worry about which workers are miners and which are builders, it could be a bit too much. Then again, if all workers can mine, but miners get some type of advantage, I would be in complete favor of the idea.

Check out @Drotten’s mod Hearthlings of Many Faces for some neat customization options!

You are absolutely correct that this is a bug. @Ponder (and others) have been doing a ton of work in A14 on improving performance. The main issue that is encountered is that the Hearthling AI is overwhelmed when it has too many choices, causing everyone to idle. When this happens depends heavily on system specs, but at some point it will happen to everyone. If you have any save games (A14 only) where you are having this issue, please post them in the topic below:

I am pretty sure that is already the plan. Not sure what would be the “key differentiator” for the Northern Alliance, but it is the intention to have the kingdoms be different from each other, and not just a re-skin of the UI.