Achievements for the completionists

I would love to see some sort of achievement system added in Stonehearth in a future update, just for that extra thing to put on the “to do” list of your gameplay. As I would see it, you start out with the basic kind of achievements and as you progress and get more achievements, they get harder and harder.

I felt bored, so i made some “custom” achievements in just as inspiration. :grin:

(If not added to the game, I bet we’ll get a mod for it :smile:)


nice idea! im hoping we’ll get an in-game achievment system eventually, im also hoping that steam achievements will be a thing…


I have thought about this before, and I can’t wait until it’s implemented. I’d love to even see them across multiple games. Things like:

  • Found 10/100/1000 “mother lodes” of ore
  • Chopped 1K/10K/100K trees
  • Built 5K/50K/500K Sq.Ft. of building
  • Built 100/1K/10K ladders
    I would love to see some achievements for each class, with the low levels being easy to get, and the hard levels interesting and challenging to get.

I see one potential problem: mean, with Stonehearth being mod-able and all, what’s to stop someone from modding in all the necessary stats for achievements? Still, I’d find it fun for me.


Ill Advised
Try to load an incompatible save.


Even More Ill Advised
Played with a mod that overrided a luac.


Achievements are mostly for fun anyways, so they would only be hurting themselves. Would be nice if it let you reset them or turn them off. I’ve modded the game to ask me if I want immigrants every 30 minutes instead of every 24 hours, made everyone move super fast, and made a single piece of wood worth 100 gold just to see how the game would handle it. I wouldn’t want something like that earning my achievements.