I have some ideas (questions)

Hi I would have a few questions asked.

  1. Will there be success on Steam?
  2. Would it be possible to update each Dev Roadmap?
  3. Multiplayer will be added at the end?
  4. Would it be possible in the settings to remove the necessary mods (and basic ones)?
  1. Success?
  2. What do you mean? The roadmap appears up to date.
  3. They’re not sure right now. The #1 challenge appears to be adding a multiplayer that will add to the game rather than just being bolted on. At this point, I’m not too certain they will be adding it.
  4. Like, remove Stonehearth.smod? I think that’s possible right now. What do you want to do?
  1. Yes the achievement
  2. update the DEV roadmap with each update
  3. ok
  4. in short we remove mods necessary for more than confused with mods add
  1. What achievement? A Steam achievement? What does that have to do with success on Steam?
  2. There are no unnecessary mods in the basic Stonehearth game, so I am not certain what you mean by this.
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Lost in translation: The question seems to be if Stonehearth is going to have Steam achievements. In German “achievements” are called “Erfolge” which directly translates to “successes”. Might be like that for other languages, too.

@tioptop: What’s your native language? Maybe you’ll get better answers if you just post without using translation tools. This seems to be quite the international community so you might just try to post how you would do at home.


@SachielMF Thank you. :slight_smile: I figured I was missing something, but couldn’t tell what.

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Don’t get where y’all are getting your information. Doing a search of posts will show that Richard has stated multiple times that he’s working out what Multiplayer should even be.

Hell, this whole thread is about the subject with some of Richard’s feedback:

Stonehearth is designed in a sense that the Stonehearth.smod is technically a mod. So yes, you could disable them, but it’d be like removing everything from a car except the engine; it isn’t going to do anything but sit there then.

I haven’t heard anything on this front, but at the same time, I’m going to doubt they would do this. They support Humble Bundle as much as Steam, and tend to not favor one over the other.