What's Next? After Stonehearth

I don’t know if anybody else is thinking the same thing, but what happens after Stonehearth is published. Will there be updates to Stonehearth? DLC? A new game?

What are your guy’s thoughts, or has someone on the development team said something?

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updates? absolutely… the team has no intention of “shelving” SH after the public release… :wink:

DLC? there have been some very brief discussions around this… my gut says its possible, but I have no idea if it would be free or paid…

new game? depending on the success of SH, and the direction they take as a studio, it’s entirely possible… again, my gut says yes… :+1:


I guess that once Stoneheath is released there will be still some features left to be deployed (like multiplayer). So probably the team will continue adding features and improving the game experience.

If I remember right there was a past (brief) discussion about offering players the chance to move single characters, maybe even in a kind of ego-view through the own city in Stonehearth. Tom’s comment (again if I have it saved correctly in the back of my head) mentioned that this would be an interesting idea but probably more for a stand-alone game. I could think of something like that as an Add-On or closely linked game in the mid-term.

Other than that I agree with Steve… if Stonehearth becomes really successful, this might give the devs the opportunity to work on other projects in the future.


you are correct sir…

Can I take control of one of the guys in first person?

No. That’s a whole other game. I’m serious, we have a design for a whole new game where you play as an adventurer in cities and worlds built in Stonehearth. We have to finish Stonehearth first though. :wink:


@SteveAdamo sometimes I have the feeling you are the brain I’ve never had :wink:.


If nothing else, there’ll still be dwarves to add into the game :wink: .


There are SO many things we want to add to Stonehearth, it’s hard to imagine ever running out. With all due caveats, I suppose, for financial viability after the fully realized-with-all-currently-promised-features release.


i haven’t the foggiest idea why, but my mind immediately read this as:

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At my last company, we seriously thought about giving the new enterprise platform we were working on the code name “Death Star” (second runner up, Skeletor!!!) but at the last moment, someone stepped in and reminded us that internal marketing, engineering superstition, and team morale are important too! Since we were doing sci-fi ships, we picked Serenity instead.

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Say what you will about the Galactic Empire, at least they were up front & honest about the names of these things. Can you imagine what kind of ghastly acronym the Pentagon would’ve ended up calling it :stuck_out_tongue: ? “Optimised Variable Energy Release & Kinetic Interdiction Lensed superLaser” under OvSecOutGraMof Tarkin or something equally horrific to the English language :laughing:


Serenity? Too soon…